“My tears dropped at that time” – Afdlin Shauki revealed the reason for the divorce

“My tears dropped at that time” – Afdlin Shauki revealed the reason for the divorce

ACTOR, director and producer, Datuk Afdlin Shauki revealed that his relationship with his ex-wife, Datin Maria Christina Orow Abdullah is still in good condition, even though they are no longer married since last Ramadan.

According to Afdlin, he still considers his ex-wife as a friend since they spend a lot of time together as colleagues, especially in the field of script writing.

“Honestly, my ex-wife is my best friend forever. After working together for a long time, I also consider him as a friend in the field of writing, because he is very good at writing.

“If asked, are we still good with each other, the answer is yes. We can indeed work together… but maybe no longer personally,” he said.

Afdlin said this when met at the AI.5YA drama series media conference held at Sunway Pyramid, Subang Jaya, Selangor recently.

Continuing the conversation, Afdlin also detailed the reason why he and his wife decided to no longer be married.

“When the pandemic hit the world, I worked outside a lot. The family was afraid of the virus and the situation at that time. So, I didn’t come home many times. Worried if I brought the virus at home.

“In spite of that, we keep in touch with each other such as chatting by using the phone or video call. Maybe that’s one of the reasons our family relationship is disrupted,” he said.

At the same time, Afdlin explained that his children, Mia Sarah, Anais and Ileana Matin also understand the decision taken.

“We sit and chat with the children during the month of Ramadan and we explain to them so that they understand. According to the children, if we are happy, they are okay with the decision taken,” he said.

In the meantime, when asked if he and his ex-wife still hope to return, Afdlin said: “I never close my heart if there is sustenance. It’s just that at this point, we never talked about getting back together.

“When in court, we apologized to each other and hugged for the last time before I pronounced divorce.

“I also shed tears at that time. But, what I think is what we want and the right thing to do,” he said.

In other developments, Afdlin appeared with the drama series AI.5YA as a director, actor and also a script writer.

The drama revolves around the daily life of humans which is also filled with the presence of robots or androids.

In addition to Afdlin, AI.5YA also lined up actors including Mia Sara Shauki, Zizan Razak, Faradhiya, Ako Mustapha and Elly Arifin. AI.5YA premiered on the digital streaming platform, Viu

source – Gempak


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