My Pro Wrestling to host ‘new breed’ competition in Feb

My Pro Wrestling to host ‘new breed’ competition in Feb

Tournament aims to showcase new talents among youth

My Pro Wrestling is ready to organise the ‘new breed’ wrestling tournament, which aims to unearth new faces and talents among the youth.

KUALA LUMPUR – My Pro Wrestling (MYPW) is all set to organize the “new breed” wrestling tournament at Kuash Theater TTDI on February 18.

“This upcoming tournament will bring together 12 world wrestlers from 5 countries, namely Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, Japan, and Dubai,” said Melbourne City Wrestling Intercommonwealth champion Emman Azman in a press conference at the National Sports Council Sports Complex today.

“This is our first-ever post-Covid-19 tournament with the new MYPW teams, which we have trained for the past three years. We are excited to be able to produce the best wrestling tournament for Malaysians as well as for ourselves.”

Emman, known as “Golden Boy”, said that the “new breed” selection aims to showcase new faces and new talents among the youth.

He stated that the upcoming competition requires sponsorship from corporations as well as support from the general public to watch the tournament.

“Anyone who wants to give funds or sponsorship for this tournament can come along, as this is not only for the tournament but also for the training centre.

“As we train new students and upgrade the facilities to become a world-class training centre, we will also teach our charges world-class syllabus to become a professional wrestler,” said Emman.

“MYPW intends to form collaboration with any corporate company to sponsor this tournament and further support the government’s initiatives to engage the youth in sporting activities such as wrestling,” said Emman.

Meanwhile, Emman added that he will defend his championship belt at next month’s tournament against Singaporean wrestler Greg Glorious.

“My goal for 2023 is to represent Malaysia even more, and not just in Australia in order to make a name for the country.

“Make other countries aware that wrestling is practiced in Malaysia and have them compete here,” he stated.

Emman won the title of ‘Running Elbow KL Gold’ by defeating Hakka at the Puzzle Pro Wrestling Tournament in Taiwan.

People who are interested in watching the wrestling tournament can purchase tickets on starting today for the price of RM80, RM100, and RM150.

source – The Vibes

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