‘My house, my rules’ – Johan has his own way of educating children at home

‘My house, my rules’ – Johan has his own way of educating children at home

COMEDIAN and popular Era radio presenter Johan commented on an issue about himself who became viral about a month ago while giving help to a family stranded on the side of the road.

According to Johan, when he saw the situation, he only imagined the same situation if it happened to his children and family.

“When I found out that the video was viral, I just prayed, may all the benefits given to me return to all who prayed and to be honest, I did not think the matter would go viral.

“It tickled in my heart to stop because I saw there was a boy, if there was no boy there maybe I would not stop.

“I help whoever can afford it, I said maybe I can ease his burden to send his wife and children back first.

“If one day, my children are in trouble, maybe there will be someone else to help my child,” said the father to the 6 light eyes.

The contagious sequence of the video, many think Johan has a noble heart and of course he is also a responsible father to his children.

“Actually, I am quite strict when at home, I will teach my children to manage the house such as washing clothes, hanging clothes, sweeping garbage, tidying the bedroom and so on.

“There is a reason and purpose for me to teach my children like that, because I believe they will practice that if they go to the hostel.

“I believe it all must start at home and I don’t care at all when people say our way and their way is different.

“My concept, My house is my rules ,” added the comedian.

Johan was spotted during the Ceria Popstar Xtra press conference last week.

Johan will act as a permanent jury with Mas Idayu. Ceria Popstar Xtra starts broadcasting on June 29, every Wednesday through channel 611, Astro Ceria.

source – Gempak


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