MIAMI, Jan. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bridging the gap between artists and music lovers, MuzicSwipe, a music discovery app, platform, and community focused on rising artists and helping new fans discover is now available to users worldwide.

At the forefront of cutting-edge industry trends, MuzicSwipe is designed to maximize artist discovery and optimize fan relationships. One of MuzicSwipe’s main goals is to support artists in finding fan audiences who are truly passionate about their music. Artists promote their music through ‘genre-tagged’, 15-second audio-visual previews (known as “Clips”), these clips are presented to fans who can swipe left or right to signify their interest in the preview.

After a fan swipes right on any artist clip (3-times), a ‘match’ is made and the app instantly connects the artist and fan to begin optimizing the new relationship. All “Clips” are anonymous before a match happens, fans are not shown the name of the previewing artist to ensure an unbiased, music-centric decision-making process which was a mindful strategy from the makers of the app to broaden fans’ listening habits.

“The music industry is overwhelmingly saturated and it’s easy to get wrapped up in new song releases from your favorite top artists. MuzicSwipe is gamifying and evolving the music discovery process to empower rising artists, offer solutions to wider music discovery, and foster life-long relationships between musicians and their fans. MuzicSwipe provides an innovative way for artists to be discovered by a global community of active music fans.”, says Jackie Dalius, Founder & CEO of MuzicSwipe.

Recently, MuzicSwipe hosted their first ever “Artist on Artist ” experience weekend in Miami supported by their first artist partners Tory Lanez, Fetty Wap, Destiny Rogers, Maeta, Tone Stith Monty and thuy. The event featured a music listening session where artists played unreleased new music to each other in an intimate select room of fans, influencers and executives, as well as attendance to private events and experiences. The weekend launched MuzicSwipe’s #First5K campaign, an initiative created to onboard the app’s first five thousand artists as part of the exclusive limited access beta release.

“The Miami weekend was a window into the scope of possibility at MuzicSwipe. Our goal is to help artists build engaged, highly convertible fan audiences on the app, then understand how those audiences share similarities across multiple artists, with this insight we can leverage that value offline through our curated events and experiences. For artists it’s about building a community where they all belong, for fans it’s about creating hallmark moments that they will never forget” says Brad Dalius, COO of MuzicSwipe.

“MuzicSwipe is a family to me. I see how authentically they support artists and help us connect with each other and our fans. I’m excited to be a part of their First 5K artist partners.” – Destiny Rogers.

MuzicSwipe’s beta app is released today and available on the iOS App Store. With thousands of artists already queued up on the platform ahead of release the mission is clear, MuzicSwipe is here to create a better way for artists to connect with fans and build experiences that will enhance and improve the landscape for rising artists globally.

About MuzicSwipe

MuzicSwipe is a music and content discovery platform designed to maximize artist discovery and optimize fan relationships. With a company ethos to level the playing field for all music discovery, MuzicSwipe is dedicated to supporting artists in finding and developing their core audience profiles. With an emphasis on relationship-building, MuzicSwipe is setting out to spotlight rising artists while working with influencers and brand partners to create unique and unmatched experiences for fans.

Download MuzicSwipe for iOS in the App Store now.

Register for an account on MuzicSwipe’s website. Follow the app on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. For tips to best optimize the app’s technology, head to YouTube for informational videos created for both artists and fans.


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