MIAMI, Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bridging the gap between artists and music lovers, MuzicSwipe, a music discovery app, platform, and community focused on rising artists and helping new fans to discover.

In a global marketplace where music releases are overwhelmingly saturated, MuzicSwipe has gamified and evolved the music discovery process; the app is available now for pre-order on the iOS App Store ahead of the highly-anticipated Beta launch scheduled for January 31, 2022 alongside The 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards ceremony.

Founded upon the idea of supporting rising artists, MuzicSwipe is designed to maximize artist discovery and optimize fan relationships. Artists are able to promote their music through specially curated ’15-second’ previews presented as digital ‘swipe-cards’ (known as “Clips”), the app provides an innovative way for artists to be discovered by a global community of active music fans.

“In a recent Statista study, it was found that listening to music is one of the top 5 activities people use their mobile devices for,” says Jackie Dalius, Founder & CEO of MuzicSwipe. “Our mission is to elevate and create new values around the Artist-Fan proposition. I’ve supported rising artists my entire life and I am driven to empower artists and offer real solutions, which will connect and improve the quality of this special and in many cases, life-long relationship.”

Swiping Technology
Fans can either swipe ‘right’ or ‘left’ on each “Clip” to signify their interest in a song or an artist. “Clips” are organized by each user’s genre preferences and presented in an automated carousel defined by the algorithm.

Once a fan swipes right (3-times) on any individual artist’s music, a ‘match’ is made. A match instantly connects the artist and fan to a suite of backend functions that perfectly optimizes the new relationship.

Artist Utilization
MuzicSwipe works to support artists in finding fans who are truly passionate about their music.

“Over the last 15 years I have worked across both the major and independent music sectors and now more than ever, I see the opportunity technology creates to better align artists and fans in the ever-evolving digital music landscape. It is our number one priority at MuzicSwipe to augment this experience, empowering artists and fans globally by becoming the access point to this new, untapped, and limitless metaverse” said MuzicSwipe’s Chief Music Officer (CMO), Jareiq ‘JQ’ Kabara.

The platform will be accessible to artists directly via mobile or web. Preview content is delivered as 15- second “Clips”, these can be uploaded directly by the artist on the MuzicSwipe app or website or via select labels and distribution partners.

Artists can tag their “Clips” with a range of genre formats that cover their musical profile subsequently defining the target audience specific previews are presented to.

Talent discovery isn’t just meant to stay on the app, MuzicSwipe works directly with artists at every level and across all genres to bring fans real-life live musical experiences, events and exclusive original content.

For Fans
For fans, MuzicSwipe offers a fun and easy way to discover new music. At the point of registration, fans choose from a range of genres they enjoy listening to, this information assists in the selection of “Clips” presented to them.

All “Clips” are anonymous before a match happens, fans are not shown the name of the previewing artist to ensure an unbiased, music-centric decision-making process.

MuzicSwipe has already begun leveraging social media and in-person experiential events to engage both their community of artists and fans while remaining at the forefront of cutting-edge industry trends.

About MuzicSwipe
MuzicSwipe is a music and content discovery platform designed to maximize artist discovery and optimize fan relationships. With a company ethos to level the playing field for all music discovery, MuzicSwipe is dedicated to supporting artists in finding and developing their core audience profiles. With an emphasis on relationship-building, MuzicSwipe is setting out to spotlight rising artists while working with influencers and brand partners to create unique and unmatched experiences for fans.


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