Musician plays saxophone during tumor removal surgery

Musician plays saxophone during tumor removal surgery

ROME: A 35-year-old Italian musician underwent surgery to remove a tumor from his brain while playing the saxophone, at a clinic in Rome on Thursday, Italian news agencies reported on Thursday.

The operation at Paideia International Hospital was led by brain surgeon Christian Brogna, an expert in conscious surgery who performed a similar operation on a patient who played a small violin in London a few years ago, according to the report.

The musician continued to play his music throughout the nine-hour operation on Monday, he said.

The patient was discharged on Thursday morning.

“It was a very difficult operation on the young patient, with a tumor in a very complex area of ​​the brain, which at one time was classified as inoperable,” Brogna told ANSA.

He said the procedure was made more complex because the musician was left-handed.

source – BERNAMA

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