Musician and Producer Brian Hardgroove (Public Enemy) Uses Scaeva Technology in Honoring Les Paul

Musician and Producer Brian Hardgroove (Public Enemy) Uses Scaeva Technology in Honoring Les Paul

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Scaeva Technologies, embedded contextual spatial audio company, sat down with respected artist Brian Hardgroove (Public Enemy, Ghost in the Hall, Bootsy Collins) to learn how he’s using Scaeva-powered tools in surprising ways to honor the work of music legend Les Paul.

“My first reaction to Scaeva’s Technology was, oh man, I can use this for more than just mixing. I thought, wow, I can actually shape sounds while I’m recording and hear these sounds in different environments. I could never have done that without this system”

Hardgroove has recently joined the Advisory Council of the Les Paul Foundation where he has had the privilege of reviewing hundreds of Les Paul & Mary Ford tracks which may result in future projects. Les Paul, known for inventing multi-track recording, the solid body electric guitar, over-dubbing, echo and numerous other recording techniques was a prolific musician, engineer and inventor. Often called the “Father of Modern Music,” Hardgroove couldn’t help but recognize the innovation of Scaeva’s Technology and how it would have been of interest to Les Paul if he were alive today.

By using Scaeva Contextual Spatial Audio in his workflow, Hardgroove mixes and masters from a variety of professional spaces virtually. He also hears how his tracks translate to devices and listening environments such as a nightclub or car while sitting in his home studio, or really from anywhere. He can count on the fidelity of his mix, hearing the track exactly as it was intended for his audience.

About Scaeva Technologies:
Scaeva’s mission is to remove barriers to content creation and enjoyment. Based in Silicon Valley, Scaeva sits at the nexus of technology and entertainment. Their latest invention, InSitu Soundâ„¢ allows audiences to hear tracks the way they were intended to sound artists to break free from the studio.

-Scaeva Technologies

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