‘Music streaming hits songwriters and artists’ -Report

‘Music streaming hits songwriters and artists’ -Report

Blur drummer David Rowntree has warned unfair music streaming payments to songwriters and artists could be “terminal” for the industry.

According to BBC report, Rowntree – now a councillor in Norfolk – spoke to the BBC as a House of Commons committee examined the issue.

Songwriter Fiona Bevan, of Suffolk, told the committee she had earned just £100 for co-writing a track which was on a Kylie Minogue number one album.

But record firms argue they deserve the large share as they develop artists.

The House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee has so far heard from performers such as Bevan, Nile Rodgers and Nadine Shah.

They have also heard from the heads of the UK’s “big three” major labels – Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal Music – who told MPs their cut was a fair reward for the risks involved in developing artists, recording, marketing and distribution.

Rowntree, a Norfolk County councillor, said: “I was disappointed to see the labels [before the committee] yet again dig their head in the sand, plucking numbers out of the air and saying all the artists are happy.”

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