Music Malaysia talks about why they formed

Music Malaysia talks about why they formed

15 organisations band together and represent musicians of every genre

DATUK Freddie Fernandez is well known as a defender and promoter of the music industry here. For years he has led Persatuan Karyawan Malaysia and continuously brought up issues that plagued the industry.

Recently, 15 of the main associations have banded together to set up a consultative body for music called Music Malaysia. They have appointed Fernandez to helm it.

Together with another key member of the team, Professor Ramona Mohd Tahir, who is the head of UITM Music Faculty and president of Malaysian Association for Music Education, he joins Artizens with Datuk Kamil Othman and Manvir Victor to talk about their top priorities.

In this podcast, we look at the various genres of music and musicians that Music Malaysia represents and the importance of music education in schools and higher education.

As we continue to promote education in the arts, which covers films, music, sculptures, paintings and all things creative, this is a key economic area that many countries successfully built by just having productive discussions about it before embarking on properly developed plans.

source – The Vibes

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