Music Industry’s Top Talent To Gather In Spain For Charitable Mossor Writing Camp

Music Industry’s Top Talent To Gather In Spain For Charitable Mossor Writing Camp

Sponsored by The Remy Healthcare Foundation, Mossor Writing Camp is the first of its kind to give back through a unique charitable partnership. The inaugural camp featuring top songwriters and producers will take place in Girona, Spain from April 27-May 4, 2022, and will directly benefit the Remy Healthcare Foundation’s Autism initiatives.

LOS ANGELES, April 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Songwriting collective Mossor is partnering with The Remy Healthcare Foundation to host an inaugural songwriting camp at Estudis Ground Studios in Girona, Spain. The camp will kick off during Autism Awareness Month, taking place April 27-May 4, 2022 and bringing together a massively talented and highly curated group of songwriters, artists and producers to create a catalog of demos that, when placed, will benefit the Autism initiatives of the foundation by allocating a portion of the publishing of each song to the cause.

Mossor’s ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between non-profit initiatives and the music industry. Through providing an immersive and collaborative environment where creatives can thrive as well as the necessary infrastructure for foundations to profit from music publishing, Mossor hopes to make a measurable impact and start new waves of change in the music industry.

Founded by music industry veterans Julia Ross and Andreas Moss, the Mossor songwriting camps are designed to put purpose above politics.

“We believe that music is a powerful and healing force,” says Ross. “Connecting that energy to important causes makes the creation of music that much more rewarding.”

Mossor aims to create an incredible experience for songwriters and producers alike with camps in stunning locations all over the world. Says Moss, “Music is ingrained in our DNA and has always been a part of us. We are committed to preserving that beauty and shining a bright light on the value of the songwriters, producers and creators.”

The Mossor Writing Camp (Spain 2022) will consist of 6 producers and 10 songwriters who will gather for 7 days to collaborate and ultimately give back. 10% of every song that emerges from Mossor will be donated.

The following songwriters, artists and producers are confirmed to participate in Mossor Writing Camp (Spain 2022):

Julia Ross, Songwriter / Artist
Andreas Moss, Songwriter / Artist
Saint Wade, Artist / Songwriter
Maurice Moore, Artist / Songwriter
Tish Hyman, Artist / Songwriter
Alma Goodman, Songwriter
Tone Jonez, Producer / Songwriter
Nina Nelson, Songwriter / Artist
Kaedi Dalley, Artist / Songwriter
Kyle Reynolds, Songwriter / Artist
Yonatan Watts, Producer / Songwriter
Synematik, Producer
Truls, Producer / Songwriter
Nick Lee, Producer / Songwriter
Mark Maxwell, Producer
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About THE REMY HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION: The Remy Foundation’s mission is to discover the unmet needs of the special needs community. At The Remy Foundation, we provide consultation services and make the pharmaceutical, emotional and physical needs of the special needs community available at the lowest possible cost.

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