MTStreets Sabotages a Relationship in His Emotionally Charged New Single, “Driftin’ Away”

MTStreets Sabotages a Relationship in His Emotionally Charged New Single, “Driftin’ Away”

MIAMI, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Miami based pop artist MTStreets, in collaboration with ddblis Group, shares a new single that’s a fast-moving insight into self-sabotaging behaviors.. In Driftin’ Away, he pinpoints when a lover starts moving away from the relationship and turns to see how much the other really cares that he is leaving.

According research conducted by Amir Levine M.D. and Rachel S.F Heller M.A., “approximately 50% of people in relationships don’t engage in self-destructive behavior, they have a sense of comfort, clarity, and ease with their emotions.” But the other 50%, is what “Driftin’ Away” is all about.

The lyrics in “Driftin’ Away” characterize an emotional struggle and a cry out for help. “I’ve been drowning and all I see is black. For days I’ve been following my soul. Cause I don’t know what else I need to know.” And then the big question, “If I move on, will you let me go?” He’s looking for a reason to stay, to reverse his actions, but he doesn’t find one. Intentionally or not, he has successfully sabotaged the relationship. That’s when he puts on his track shoes, when the pace of the song speeds up, and when it’s clear this relationship is going to repeat dysfunctional patterns of previous endings. “I’ve been down this road before, takes a long, long time for a love to dissemble.” And poof, the struggle concludes with the hope that his lover will be ok as the relationship and song both come to a quick ending.

“Relationships are hard.” MTStreets says with a crack of experience in his voice. “They are especially hard when one person is damaged, and to some extent, most of us are.” “Couples often break apart when one person keeps testing the relationship’s limits.” I wrote this song with the hope that my past experiences could help others see patterns in their own relationships. My intention was simple, why not try to save couples from drifting away by writing a banging song to highlight messed-up patterns.” “In a twisted way, it’s kinda like a song to save love rather than find love adrift.”

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SOURCE – ddbliss Group

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