‘Mother ready to see Syamsul, Puteri Sarah reconciled but on condition…’

‘Mother ready to see Syamsul, Puteri Sarah reconciled but on condition…’

The mother of director Syamsul Yusof, Datin Patimah Ismail is ready to see her son reconcile with his wife, Puteri Sarah Liyana.
The matter was informed by Patimah through a post on her Instagram account.

In the message, Patimah stressed that there are conditions that must be followed if Syamsul really wants to make amends and save his marriage.

However, Patimah also stated that Princess Sarah has the right to make her own decisions and support if her beloved daughter-in-law wants to find her own happiness.

“Don’t speculate! We beg Puteri Sarah to make peace with conditions but she has the right to make her own decision to continue her life with her children,” wrote Patimah.

In the meantime, through a different message, Patimah also stated that she understands what Puteri Sarah is going through.

“Puteri Sarah Liyana, mama and papa understand the pain they are going through, Sarah has the right to make her own decision.

“The most valuable possessions are Shaikhul and Sumayyah, mama still prays for Sarah’s happiness.

“Puteri Sarah is our daughter-in-law in the afterlife, there is no substitute!” the scribble.

Earlier, Syamsul had filed a nusyuz application against Puteri Sarah at the Lower Syariah Court in Gombak Timur, Selangor on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Puteri Sarah appeared at the Kuala Lumpur Syariah High Court to file an application for guardianship or custody of her two children.

The couple then attended the JKP meeting at the office of the Department of Islamic Religion Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory (Jawi) on Friday for the JPK process with their respective representatives.

However, the JPK failed to reach any decision when Puteri Sarah insisted on continuing with the divorce.


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