Mother is still critical, Remy Ishak is asking for everyone’s prayers

Mother is still critical, Remy Ishak is asking for everyone’s prayers

ACTOR Remy Ishak informed his mother, Basrah Md Deris, 64, is still in a critical condition after undergoing a 12-hour operation at Serdang Hospital last week.

But Remy or the owner whose real name is Mohammad Zalimei Ishak, 40, is grateful to be able to see his mother who has just recovered from surgery after being transferred to the CICU (cardiac intensive care unit) at the same hospital.

“The doctor told me that mom’s condition is still critical even after the 12-hour surgery.

“My heart was restless and I couldn’t sleep during the operation because it was too long and the doctor told me it was the biggest operation involving three parts of the heart, namely the valve, the membrane and one part of the heart.

“However, I am grateful when my mother came to her senses today (Thursday) and she still remembers her children including calling my name.

“But the doctor said he is still critical and may need surgery for the second time soon,” he said.

Remy was met by Gempak after finishing the Yasin reading and blessing ceremony organized by Astro Shaw which was held in a simple manner at Astro Bukit Jalil.

Remy’s mother was rushed to Serdang Hospital from Malacca General Hospital after suffering critical heart complications last week.

Telling about the moment when his mother was told there was no hope of life, Remy said he panicked and was shocked and even he was hospitalized due to panic.

“When the doctor told me that my mother could not be saved and that there was only a 50-50 chance, I was really shocked and panicked.

“My head and chest hurt and the doctor asked me to go to the emergency room. The doctor did an examination and told me I was in shock and had to keep me in the ward for a day until I stabilized,” he said.

Therefore, the Sangkar actor is still hoping for everyone’s prayers to pray for a miracle for his mother even though he has tried to calm down what will happen.

“The doctor said what we can do now is just pray because there is very little hope for my mother to live.

“So I would like to thank those who are willing to recite Yasin and pray for safety for my mother and I also want to ask for people’s prayers for my mother so that a miracle will happen, God willing,” he said.

Earlier through a sharing on the Twitter page, Remy informed that his mother is critical at Malacca General Hospital and also asked for the public’s prayers.

source – GEMPAK

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