More customers enjoy fast internet with Astro Fiber WiFi Kencang!

More customers enjoy fast internet with Astro Fiber WiFi Kencang!

PETALING JAYA: Good news for all!

Now, there are no more problems with slow and often intermittent Internet connections. All these distractions you can ‘thin’ with Astro Fiber WiFi Fast.

Astro Fiber Sales Agent, M Subramaniam (Subrah G) said, various attractive packages are offered to customers through Astro Fiber which are definitely very worthwhile when they subscribe.

“We provide high -speed Internet packages that are worthwhile to customers. Starting from 50 megabits per second (Mbps) along with free WiFi Mesh, WiFi 6 routers under the Primary Pack content package with the RM129 Fast Savings Pack.

“However, if customers want more packages such as sports, programs and increase the speed from 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 500Mbps to 800Mbps is also possible.

“Customers also have the opportunity to get a souvenir bag containing a powerbank , umbrella and disinfectant liquid if they register starting today,” he explained.

He said this at the Astro Fiber WiFi Kencang promotion session at Astro Premium Kiosk @ IPC Shopping Center, Mutiara Damansara, here, on Saturday.

Meanwhile, HITZ radio presenter, Keanu Azman stressed that a more stable Internet network can be accessed by customers through the free WiFi Mesh provided, including offering more free channels.

“Through this WiFi Mesh, a house can get stable and high speed Internet access.

“It doesn’t matter if your room is far away (from the router) or at the top, everyone will get the same access.

“Besides that, this package also offers more than 85 free channels. Pay only RM129 a month, you can get all these benefits under one price, ”he said.

In addition, the personality of Malay language teacher, Cikgu Zack Kirana said, high -speed Internet is very much needed at this time, especially those who need to follow teaching and learning sessions (PdP) at home, or school.

“Through Astro Fiber WiFi Kencang, this is an excellent solution because it can be connected to many devices. Moreover, those who have many siblings.

“In addition, as an educator, the longer I teach the faster and most importantly the service offered after we subscribe to it is very good,” he said.

Seven TV packages were launched as part of Astro’s new experience including Primary Pack, Entertainment Pack, Sports Pack, Movies Pack, Entertainment Plus Pack, Premium Pack and Platinum Pack.

-source – Ehsan A Marisah

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