MooreBeats’ Artist Roster Celebrates 2022 Music Releases in Brooklyn

MooreBeats’ Artist Roster Celebrates 2022 Music Releases in Brooklyn

The music project titled “The Art” by Blackman is one of nine releases by MooreBeats this year. Photo by Lenny “Mr. L” Moore.

NEW YORK, Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On December 17th 2022, a roster of rising artists will be celebrating a second year of new music releases. MooreBeats is an independent label from Brooklyn NY hosting its 2nd Annual Year End Celebration at BK9 located downtown Brooklyn, two blocks from Barclays Center.

MooreBeats has been trusted with the distribution of the music of these talented artists and has scheduled this event to highlight the accomplishments by presenting the songs released this year in performance. The day has been produced, curated, managed and led by Lenny “Mr. L” Moore & Gerri “The Commissioner” Marshall with a night of entertainment that will include appearances by a list of select guests. This busy team has also scheduled a rollout of eight new releases from Oct 31st to December 17th.

Hood Heart Break Kid by TheRealMFDOT & Yayo
November 4th 2022

This Soundcloud exclusive is a teaser of the new projects to come from TheRealMFDOT as he works to provide collaboration efforts and showcase artists that he is developing.

They’ll Get It Later by O.H. Bags
November 11th 2022

It’s like an audio experience with some of the tracks therapeutic towards him. It’s more of him venting than actually rapping and he’s reminding himself, and whoever listens, that they have always been great and the world is late to their greatness that they possess.

Push To Start by Mr. L
November 18th 2022

‘Push To Start’ is the latest in the anthology of music projects by Mr. L continuing his effort to extend his ability in letting his audience know that he is just getting started. This collection of songs embraces the idea of moving at your own pace while getting entry to your opportunities without the worry of key access.

The Art by Blackman
November 25th 2022

It’s a beautiful piece of art. Verbal impression without any assumptions. A voice for the black man.

Good Things Take Time by Rob Finesse
December 2nd 2022

They say everything happens for a reason, good or bad. Everything seems to change when you enter a different space in life. That difference can create discomfort. On this album, Rob speaks on how discomfort can be your greatest strength, at the end of the day “Good Things Take Time.”

The Gold Fork EP by LongLivePhoenix & King Cure
December 3rd 2022

This tape is a reminder of the harsh drug infested environments Phoenix and King Cure arose from in New York City. Production by Belgium producer Nyckles helps to creates this cinematic audiobook of memories revisited by both artists.

Been Real In Times by RealTime
December 9th 2022

Also known as BRIT, Been Real In Times, is RealTime’s second project release with MooreBeats. All tracks for this project are produced by Epik the Dawn Productions. This project will give you a perspective of the creativity of the artist known as Realtime.

H2L by TheRealMFDOT
December 16th 2022

Music therapy for people with mixed emotions dealing with love and hate from someone they are currently connected to. Discovering toxic relationships, choosing love or infatuation and experiencing fear as a result of a heart broken set the theme of this music journey.

MooreBeats will follow up next year in the first quarter with a release from Serious Voice titled “Kill The King,” Free Drugs & Mr. L collaboration project “Who Created Limits” and a project from LongLivePhoenix.

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