Miss Universe Malaysia 2022: Creation of MUMO NFTs collection series

Miss Universe Malaysia 2022: Creation of MUMO NFTs collection series

KUALA LUMPUR: The global non-fungible (NFT) market, NFT Pangolin and Miss Universe Malaysia Organization (MUMO) have collaborated in creating a series of “MUMO NFTs” collections which are also controlled by Zetrix.

The collection is in conjunction with the announcement of the line -up of 15 best finalists who will win the title and crown of Miss Universe Malaysia 2022, thus representing the country to the world stage.

MUMO National Director, Datin Elaine Daly saw the collaboration as a step to fulfill the vision of revolutionizing competition in Malaysia into a trend, urban, relevant and real.

“I think it took us years before entering this digital platform to make sure we were in line with the other players in the association.

“This is a start for us. There is a lot more room for improvement, and we will also hold a gala on July 28. We are very excited to hold the gala physically,” he said during a press conference here on Thursday.

By incorporating the NFT concept into the competition, he said, it not only gave great potential to the finalists, but also to the spectators and collaborators.

Meanwhile, NFT Pangolin’s Director of Business Development (SEA), Mohamad Johan Nasir said, participants will also benefit and profit from the latest collaboration depending on their creativity and ability.

“This is the first time participants will be able to earn a little bit depending on how much is being promoted.

“This is a good incentive and will encourage more people to enter the next competition and this is the social media generation, it (incentive) depends if he is good at promotion,” he added.
MUMO NFTs feature various collections with different utilities.

Among them, the “Universe” collection features 15 finalists in celestial design and the “Competition” collection which is a limited edition and available for bidding only.

The highest bid for the NFT will increase the draw points for the finalists.

In addition, a new category was also introduced, namely “Miss NFT” specifically for the finalists with the most popular NFT.

source – Rahimah Abdullah


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