Misha Omar shared a ‘tribute’ segment conversation with Siti Sarah

Misha Omar shared a ‘tribute’ segment conversation with Siti Sarah

NEARLY 10 months ago, the country’s art industry lost a gem that was hard to replace.

The person, the late Siti Sarah Raissuddin breathed her last on August 9, 2021 after fighting for her life due to COVID-19.

The passage of time is not easy for those who know the late, whether family members, close friends or fans to forget the golden -voiced singer.

The same feeling also ‘haunts’ the famous singer, Misha Omar who is a close friend of the late Siti Sarah.

Through the latest post on the Instagram page today, the singer of the song Bunga Bunga Cinta shared a moment with her best friend, about 15 years ago.

Describing the memory as happening during the training session of an awards event, Misha in the snippet said the late Siti Sarah once asked her whether a tribute segment would be made for them when the time came.

Tribute segments are usually held specially for well -known art figures in various fields who have passed away.

“‘Kak Chah (nickname for Misha) thinks, when it’s our time, is there a tribute segment for us?’.

“I laughed as we were only a year old at the time. I said if we have a lot of hits (popular songs), InsyaAllah there must be.

“He then asked again,‘ but later, who will sing our songs? ’,” Misha wrote in the update.

Sharing further, Misha or real name Samihah @ Aisah Omar explained to the late Siti Sarah that the segment will often be sung by great and popular new artists.

The Machang, Kelantan -born artist added that he told the late that it was possible that he would be invited by God first as she was older than Siti Sarah.

“If Kak Chah goes first, Sarah will sing Kak Chah’s song ok ?, I said with a laugh.

“She replied: ‘Ehh, but if you look at our age, it’s actually not far, brother, if you’re old, how can Sarah want to sing the song Bunga Bunga Cinta ?

“‘You have to lower the key a lot and later it won’t sound like singing, sister, it’s like talking.’ She (Sarah) laughed again and this time longer, “Misha recalled.

Through the same post, Misha, 40, also uploaded a video of his performance in the tribute segment at the MeleTOP Era Awards (AME) 2021 which took place at the Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC) last night.

Misha in the segment sang a song that was once popularized by the late Siti Sarah, Bersamamu and described the task as very heavy for him to carry.

“Because of this I once talked to the late Siti Sarah.

“Every word in the lyrics of the song Bersamamu ‘ hit me differently’ . The dilemma of feeling between wanting to sing and crying suddenly merged into a lump of feeling stuck in my throat, which I didn’t even find a more accurate word to describe … difficult !!
“An experience I will never forget,” he said.

However, the singer who is famous for the pop music genre expressed his gratitude that the dream of the late Siti Sarah has been granted.

“There’s a tribute segment for her, who sings her hits instead of her people, Aina Abdul and she’s definitely proud.

“My best friend’s heart also blossomed listening to Aina’s melody so well through (the song) Ke Hujung Dunia ,” she wrote again.

In the same quote, Misha admits losing will teach a person to be strong despite being crushed by memories.

“Bitter or sweet memories with someone who has gone will still haunt and snap the soul,” she said, hoping that the name of the late Siti Sarah will always be in the prayers of the people.

The late Siti Sarah breathed her last at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Tuanku Muhriz Chancellor’s Hospital (HCTM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), at 5.13 am.

Siti Sarah leaves behind her husband, Shuib Sepahtu and four children, Uwais Alqarni, 11, Dzahira Talita Zahra, 9, Ariq Matin, 7, and Ayash Affan.

source – Hasimi Muhamad


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