Mira Filzah, husband shares a tutorial on choosing a child’s name using apps!

Mira Filzah, husband shares a tutorial on choosing a child’s name using apps!

The hardest thing is always finding the best name for the child to be born. Want a name that is simple and full of meaning as well as a name that can bring the child to be better. That is the dream of all parents.

The partnership of actress and host, Mira Filzah, who searched for the name of her first child through apps attracted a lot of attention and can even be used as a guide for other pregnant mothers to search for a child’s name.

Mira shared through her husband’s Instagram sharing, Wan Emir Astar, she and her husband agreed to search for Wan Khair Amir’s name through the apps.

Most interestingly, by just mentioning the favorite name, several surahs are shown with their meanings and interpretations. Good for all of us.

“Looking for the name of our prince @wankhairamir in the Al-Quran, through the Tarteel e-Quran app feature with the ‘word/verse search’ method.

“Alhamdulillah, Khair’s name is contained in many surahs,” shared Wan Emir through his caption on Instagram.

Through the same message, the father of Wan Khair Amir also gave guidance on finding the best name for the child in a tutorial so that his followers and Mira on IG could understand it better.

By simply saying the word or verse that is the choice, the choice of name is opened according to the verses of the Al-Quran. The best!
Share Wan Emir again it is our responsibility as mothers and fathers to find good names for children. In fact, this good name was recommended by Rasullullah SAW.

This loving husband also prayed for his chosen name and Mira to be a name that can lead their beloved child to the path of God and always be a better person in everything.

“In fact, the noble lord Rasulullah SAW also emphasized giving good names to everyone: “Indeed, you will be called on the Day of Resurrection by your names and the names of your fathers, so make your names beautiful.” (Hadith narrated by Abu Daud and Ahmad)
” May you live up to your name, my son. Make your mama @mfmirafilzah proud, especially !,” he shared.

Earlier, this couple’s son, Wan Khair Amir was born on May 10 and is now almost three months old.

source – Pa and Ma


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