“Min’Yo” Concert: Alena Murang will perform with Japanese musicians

“Min’Yo” Concert: Alena Murang will perform with Japanese musicians

KUALA LUMPUR: In conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the Malaysian Government’s Look East Policy this year, it will host a concert of the Japanese folk song “Min’yo” on March 4 to 5 at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KLPac).

Organized by The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur (JFKL), the concert will feature five Japanese musicians, as well as Sarawak’s famous sape player, Alena Murang (pictured), as guest musicians, according to a statement from JFKL.

Music fans have the opportunity to witness live a variety of Min’yo’s performance style that usually features traditional performances.

Min’yo or folk songs, which are traditionally sung among the townspeople and the singing technique is known as “Kobushi”,

Usually Min’yo’s performance consists of vocals, Shakuhachi (bamboo flute), Shamisen and Shimedaiko (small drums). But this time the audience has the opportunity to see the performance of Wadaiko (big drums) and drums, “according to the statement.

The concert was supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and Japan Airlines in collaboration with the Japanese Embassy in Malaysia and The Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat.

Antara pemuzik Jepun yang bakal membuat penampilan termasuk Tanaka Shiho, Kato Erina, Tsukuda Koshi, Kato Takuya, Kumagai Daisuke dan Hiranuma Jin’ichi.

More information can be found at www.jfkl.org.my/events/minyomusicconcert/ .

source – BERNAMA


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