Minneapolis Band The Other Hit Releases Debut Album

Minneapolis Band The Other Hit Releases Debut Album

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Minneapolis-based band The Other Hit released its debut album Diego on 2/22/2022. The album is a nod to the sounds that drifted from transistor radios in the 1970s, when AM stations wove a tapestry of bubblegum pop, straight-up rock, soul music, cross-over country, and acoustic-based singer-songwriter fare. That kaleidoscopic influence comes through clearly on the ten original songs on The Other Hit’s album Diego. Diego is available for purchase (digital and CD formats) or streaming on major platforms, including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Bandcamp, and YouTube, and can be found at www.TheOtherHit.com.

Diego is loosely sequenced as an “electric side” and an “acoustic side.” Lyrically, the songs’ themes stroll the path of history, reflect on personal experience, and anticipate approaching days. The title track references Diego Giacometti, brother of legendary artist Alberto Giacometti. The song is a tribute to Alberto, but also to the loved ones who offered their support. “Up on the Street (Swede Hollow)” recalls a hardscrabble community in an inner-city hollow in St. Paul, Minnesota — now a park — that was home to generations of immigrants. The rocker “Stone’s Throw” ponders the tension inherent in imminence. The song subjects are all devoted to the writer’s quest to better understand his own life, and are reflective of the array of sounds and styles that played on the radio as he was growing up and coming of age.

“The Other Hit is celebrating the release of its album into the digital music-scape,” said publicist Berry Donmark. “The sound recalls an era in which bands were not focused on scoring a ‘sync license’ and concepts like ‘viral TikTok’ did not exist. By the same token, the digital age makes it possible for an album like this to exist.”

Donmark added, “The Other Hit applies a wide lens to their music. While radio stations may not typically play Adele followed by The Beatles or Rolling Stones followed by The Weeknd or Taylor Swift, people’s own playlists often do. In the 1970s, radio stations did program that kind of variety, and it had a big influence on The Other Hit.”

More information can be found at www.TheOtherHit.com. Instagram: @theotherhit / Twitter: @other_hit


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