Microsoft is focusing on AI, security and fast updates on Windows 12

Microsoft is focusing on AI, security and fast updates on Windows 12

MICROSOFT Windows 12 is the next generation operating system that is expected to be introduced by the computing giant as early as next year, 2024.

Now, in parallel, some preliminary information regarding Microsoft’s plans for the operating system is now present on the web arena.

Through WindowsCentral, it is said that Microsoft wants to try to further modernize the operating system by focusing on a modular operating system that is lighter than the existing one.

With this move, Windows 12 is expected to be lighter, easier to install updates, thus making it more secure than it is today.

Windows 11

Codenamed “CorePC” internally at Microsoft, it is said to allow the operating system to be customized based on needs – and not all files are mounted on a single partition or partition. Instead, various files will be installed on different parts – making it one of the core to facilitate faster and easier updates.

With this move as well, Microsoft is expected to be able to position Windows as a better Chromebook competitor.

In addition, with Microsoft’s focus on artificial intelligence, the upcoming operating system is also expected to integrate a number of features focusing on artificial intelligence along with it. This will simultaneously make content easier to scan and optimize for editing, as well as allowing users to provide text-based instructions to complete a task.

With this latest development, let’s all look forward to more about Windows 12 which is expected to be introduced as early as 2024.

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