Messenger Music Announces New Single ‘Crystalline’ From Brian Burr

Messenger Music Announces New Single ‘Crystalline’ From Brian Burr

Comeback–“After a European tour, my daughter didn’t recognize me!”

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — American born, Copenhagen based singer-songwriter Brian Burr announces his return, bringing a new adult pop sound to fans with the release of his new single, ‘Crystalline.’ It’s already receiving airplay interest in Europe and 3 top U.S. cities.

The single Crystalline emerged “in a thick snowstorm, sitting beside my beautiful partner in front of a crackling fireplace, as I watched the firelight dancing on her face.”

This single release also marks Burr’s first solo album, but he is no newcomer to the music charts. Once, he was the lead singer of the promising band Sensory System, but something changed his life trajectory: “After a European tour, I came home to find that my daughter didn’t recognize me! I was shocked. I felt I really didn’t have much of a choice.”

Producer and pianist Claus Kilpatrick helped bring out Brian Burr’s passionate style on his anticipated 10-track album titled, ‘Even Children Grow Older’. The album contains memorable lyrics and references to the counterculture generation. All 10 tracks to be released as singles throughout 2021on Messenger Music.

“Two things seem to fuel me,” says Burr. “First, stepping up to a mic and telling the story well. Secondly, if a song gives a listener a few minutes of a special experience, and time worth spending, then I feel the song succeeds. It’s an amazing privilege to be part of that.”

Despite past performances at several notable festivals like Roskilde Festival, two well-received albums, and a fan following in various countries under his belt with his previous band, Burr states that, “It’s quite a challenge to pursue a comeback after all these years. But I’m really excited to share my new songs with my former and new fans.”

Press Contacts:
USA: Jon Century | [email protected], 323-348-0606
DE: Jørgen Jørgensen | [email protected]
Denmark: Claus Kilpatrick | [email protected]
Follow Brian Burr: Instagram: @brianburrmusic
Facebook: & webpage

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