Melodics Partners With Yamaha To Educate and Inspire The Next Generation of Drummers

Melodics Partners With Yamaha To Educate and Inspire The Next Generation of Drummers

Yamaha announced a US-only promotion with Melodics, an immersive desktop app that teaches musicians how to learn new instruments through guided courses. Through the collaboration, musicians of all levels who purchase the new Yamaha DTX drums will have access to three months of Melodics training to elevate their learning experience and build skills to play with confidence.

The Yamaha DTX402 Series and DTX6 Series are electronic drum kits that spark creativity and deliver outstanding performance and sound quality in a compact configuration. With Yamaha product registration, drummers can practice the instruments through the Melodics app, providing immediate performance feedback before moving to the next module.

“At Yamaha, we are committed to empowering musicians to fuel their passion for music and continue music education at every stage, whether they are just starting to pick up the drums or are advanced players,” said Matt Rudin, drums marketing manager, Yamaha Corporation of America. “Our partnership with Melodics will ensure drummers are supported every step of the way and can achieve their fullest potential throughout their musical journey.”

Melodics guided courses are classified by difficulty level and build upon previous music lessons to adapt to every musician’s proficiency stage. The learnings are backed by a team of music educators and musicians arranging and producing lessons to create habitual and consistent practice.

“We are excited to partner with Yamaha to provide musicians with the opportunity to excel in their craft as they learn how to play their new gear,” said Sam Gribben, Melodics Founder and CEO. “The Melodics curriculum is designed to mirror the sounds of a real drum set and offers popular songs to practice so that learning is fun, engaging, and skills transfer to the stage.”

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