Melodic Protostar Anjalts Announces New Single’ Calling Out’

Melodic Protostar Anjalts Announces New Single’ Calling Out’

Futuristic artist teams up again with indie label IXOmusic to launch her new single and NFT on April 29th.

LOS ANGELES, April 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recording artist Anjalts releases her latest single, “Calling Out,” a melodic ballad dedicated to a close friend who died and suffered from mental health issues. A silent condition impacts the young population showing signs of increase as chronic stress becomes more prevalent. The eco-conscious musician is redirecting the spotlight on this growing plight in need of further studies and better support systems that allows young people to call in, text, or get a live person to reach out to them right away.

Melodic Protostar Anjalts Announces New Single’ Calling Out’

Anjalts first announced her newest single, “Calling Out,” on an Instagram post. Where she posted the following “Wrote ‘Calling Out’ song for a special someone now among the stars.” The Songwriter/Producer later stated:

“Calling Out” was a challenging song for me to release when you’re constantly feeling a significant loss that doesn’t go away just because someone says everything will be all right. And during that time, it’s only recently that I was able to express the way I feel through music. There will always be unanswered questions about why anyone chooses to take their own life as the only way out, especially for someone so young.

“The time given to us is like a gift – to do the things that empower us to become better human beings. I can only hope that maybe somewhere, someone will hear my words calling out to them and maybe realize that there are other ways to get better with time. If I’m not giving up despite my own struggles, then neither can you.” (Anjalts)

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