Melly Goeslaw decided to lose weight with bariatric surgery

Melly Goeslaw decided to lose weight with bariatric surgery

SINGER, composer and lyricist Indonesia, Melly Goeslaw admits that she is tired of practicing a healthy diet in an effort to lose weight that once reached almost 100 kilograms.

She said, she agreed to do bariatric surgery (intestinal cutting) for the sake of good health and to lose weight faster.

“I decided to cut my stomach because of my sudden increase in weight.

“If I don’t control it, I will face various other chronic diseases.

“Therefore, on the doctor’s advice, I was allowed to cut my stomach to control my diet and sugar content.

Melly with her husband, Anto Hoed and concert organizer, Iman Tang, – Photo Syahden Tahir

“Before performing the surgery, I was told by the doctor that I have diabetes.

“After hearing that, I don’t want to waste time and immediately perform the surgery for the sake of health,” she said when met at the Ada Apa Dengan Melly Concert Media Conference in the capital.

Add Melly who is the wife of Indonesian musician and composer, Anto Hoed, after doing the surgery for two weeks, she can only drink water, tea and eat a small amount.

“Honestly, this abdominal surgery is not painful, giving birth is more painful.

“The doctor has removed almost 80 percent of my stomach so that the digestion process can be done quickly.

“Thank God, my health is getting better, my body feels lighter and my diabetes has recovered 100 percent,” she said.

Excited to entertain fans in his first concert in Malaysia, Melly promises an energetic performance and will present 30 songs in a two-hour performance.

Various popular songs will be staged including soundtrack songs from popular movies such as Ada Apa Dengan Cinta , Eiffel I’m In Love and Habibie & Ainun .

Spectators who attend are required to wear a school uniform to bring back memories and memories of each of them when they were at school.

What’s Up With Melly’s Concert ? Live In KL will take place on February 3, 2023 at the Plenary Hall of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center in the capital.

source – Syahdeen Tahir

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