Meet the star-studded cast of Netflix’s Seoul Vibe

Meet the star-studded cast of Netflix’s Seoul Vibe

Also, find out where you’ve seen them before

THE coolest crew of the summer has got their pedal to the metal, ready to race into your screens when Seoul Vibe drops on August 26, only on Netflix.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of 1988 Seoul and an era where hip hop dominated the airwaves, Seoul Vibe is bound to be a feast for the eyes and a movie you’ll find yourself bobbing your heads to.

At the helm of the film’s high-octane action is the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team, a ragtag group of drivers and mechanics who go undercover to unravel a VIP’s money-laundering scheme.

Featuring a star-studded cast, here’s a crash course on who’s who, who plays who, and what they do:

1. Yoo Ah-in plays Dong-wook, leader of the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team

A highly-skilled driver, Dong-wook dreams of going to America to enter the Daytona Continental and pit his exceptional skills against the world’s best sports car racers. Though reluctant at first, Dong-wook agreed to rope in the Bbangku fam for the undercover investigation when he realised it could lead to his ticket to the US.

Yoo Ah-in, who was director Moon Hyun-sung’s one and only pick for the role, has also starred in Hellbound, #Alive, Burning, Like for Likes, and Veteran.

2. Go Kyung-pyo plays John Woo, an aspiring DJ who becomes a spy for the team

John is a seminary graduate whose life took on a different direction due to his love for hip hop. As the team’s resident DJ – and self-proclaimed ambassador of Korean hip hop culture – he has a mixtape for every occasion and every stage of the team’s undercover mission.

He even disguised himself as a professional DJ, the perfect cover for conducting reconnaissance when he got hired for a party hosted by the VIP the team is investigating.

Best known for playing model student Sun-woo in Reply 1988, Go Kyung-pyo has also appeared in D.P., Strongest Deliveryman, and Private Lives.

3. Lee Kyu-hyung plays Bok-nam, the human navigation system

A taxi driver in the days before GPS, Bok-nam knows the streets of Seoul like the back of his hand, which proves to be especially useful to save the group when they get into tight spots.

As the oldest member of the team, Bok-nam is like an older brother to the rest of Bbangku fam and is often the down-to-earth voice of reason.

In his signature bright yellow uniform and coiffed ‘80s-era hairstyle, Lee Kyu-hyung definitely looks quite different from his previous roles. In fact, you might recognise him in popular dramas like All of us Are Dead, and Hi Bye, Mama!, and Prison Playbook.

4. Park Ju-hyun plays Yoon-hee, Dong-wook’s sister and a devil on wheels

Fearless, relentless, and resourceful, Yoon-hee is the leader of the biggest biker club in Seoul and as much of a bad-ass as her brother. She is also a master of disguise, a talent that is especially useful when the group needs to infiltrate secret meetings or get out of a tight spot.

You might recognise Park Ju-hyun as Bae Gyu-ri in Extracurricular, a role that nabbed her the Best New Actress award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards, and in Zombie Detective as Gong Sun-ji, assistant to said zombie detective.

5. Ong Seong-wu plays Joon-gi, the MacGyver of Sanggye-dong Supreme Team

The youngest of the group and a mechanic who specialises in car repair and restoration, Joon-gi is regarded as the genius of the group. Not only does he keep their cars in tip-top shape, he also developed special enhancements to give his team an edge for car races.

When he’s not fixing up cars, Joon-gi can be found filming anything and everything with his trusty camcorder.

Best known as a member of the now-defunct boyband Wanna One, Ong Seong-wu made his acting debut in 2019 youth drama Moment of Eighteen and also starred as the male lead in romance drama More Than Friends.

6. Honorary mention: Song Min-ho aka rapper Mino plays Galchi, Dong-wook’s frenemy

Winner member Mino will be making his film debut in Seoul Vibe as Galchi, a cocky young man who grew up in the same neighbourhood as Dong-wook and gang. Galchi – along with his two sidekicks – often tries to one-up Dong-wook, to no avail and with hilarious consequences.

Mino also collaborated with Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko for one of the movie’s soundtracks.

Curious to see how this ragtag group will fare in their undercover investigation? Catch the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team in action when Seoul Vibe premieres on August 26, on Netflix.

source – The Vibes

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