‘Mechamato’ will be aired on December 8

‘Mechamato’ will be aired on December 8

KUALA LUMPUR: Fans of the animated series ‘BoBoiBoy’ will not want to miss the action of the animated series and movie ‘Mechamato’ created by the MONSTA company that will be shown this year.

MONSTA announced in a statement that in conjunction with October, which is called the month of ‘Mechatober’, the animated series ‘Mechamato The Animated Series’ will arrive on the Netflix channel starting on October 1st with screenings in six different languages ​​including Korean and Japanese.

“On Oct 3 at 6pm, all viewers will be able to watch this series on the TV9 network for free nationwide. In addition, the official YouTube page of MONSTA CHANNEL will also upload this series in the Malay language version.

“Not only will it stop in October, the series will continue until the school holidays at the end of this year on the local television channel TV3 starting Dec 4 at 10.30am,” according to the statement.

Mechamato focuses on a boy named Amato and his robot friend Mechabot, who fight evil robots, Amato is the father of the popular character BoBoiBoy.

Meanwhile, the film ‘Mechamato Movie’ will start showing in local cinemas from 8 Dec, in conjunction with the school holidays at the end of this year.

“After three years of waiting, the most awaited highlight by local moviegoers will explode with the performance of the animated film ‘Mechamato Movie’.

“Together let’s celebrate Mechamato starting this October wherever you are,” said MONSTA’s Head of Brand and International Sales Faiz Zainal Aabidin in the same statement.

According to a post on Mechamato’s official Facebook page, the movie ‘Mechamato Movie’ is the Origin Arc when Amato first meets the MechaBot that crashed to earth with other evil robots.

“In the Mechamato series, Amato and MechaBot have to track down all the evil robots that have crashed and escaped around Kota Hilir (the fictional place in Mechamato),” according to him.

MONSTA is also the creator of the animated series BoBoiBoy which has successfully penetrated more than 70 countries around the world and been translated into more than 12 languages.

source – BERNAMA


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