‘Mechamato’ managed to capture 65 countries around the world

‘Mechamato’ managed to capture 65 countries around the world

KUALA LUMPUR: The latest animation series released by the local animation studio, MONSTA, once again made a name for itself and stepped onto the world stage when the new animation ‘Mechamato’ managed to conquer 65 countries within eight months.

The animation Mechamato, which was launched in November 2021 through the international channel, Cartoon Network Asia, successfully obtained broadcast rights in 65 countries and was developed with the support of funds from the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), after the success of the previous BoboiBoy animation.

MONSTA’s Marketing Director, Faiz Zainal Aabidin, in a statement on Tuesday, said the fund’s support aims to help export local animation internationally, thus making Malaysia one of the leading animation producers in the Asia Pacific region.

“We are excited about Mechamato’s achievements that continue to take the world by storm.

“In conjunction with this National Day 2022, Mechamato as ‘Our Hero’ is described as setting fire to the spirit and inspiring everyone to be more confident to go further on the international stage.

“Mechamato has already aired in Asia Pacific countries, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan and so on. After the official announcement of the Mechamato airing in Portugal, last month, this animation continues to gain attention with the addition of airing in 40 new countries including India, Turkey, the Middle East and Africa,” he said.

In addition, the animation series will be available to Malaysians on the main channels of local television stations (TV9 and TV3), Netflix streaming and MONSTA’s YouTube channel starting this October, while the film ‘Mechamato Movie’ will be shown in cinemas nationwide this December.

“Fans in Indonesia and Singapore will also watch the Mechamato animated series on various major networks in those countries starting this October.

“Watch the animated series Mechamato now on Cartoon Network Asia, HBO GO, Astro Prima and on the Astro Go app.

source – BERNAMA


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