Maxis supports affordable broadband services for target groups

Maxis supports affordable broadband services for target groups

KUALA LUMPUR: Maxis Bhd reiterated its commitment to play an important role in supporting the government’s agenda to make connectivity a basic utility service accessible to all parties.

In a statement today, the telecommunications provider company (telco) said, in that regard, it welcomed the announcement by the Minister of Communications and Digital regarding the Fixed Broadband Integration Package which will offer access to affordable broadband services to the target segment.

“The telco believes it is an important and timely initiative to help Malaysians stay ahead in an increasingly digital environment for leisure, employment, education and entertainment.

“Details on the implementation of the Unity Package will be released soon,” he said.

Along with the Malaysia Madani concept, the package will offer Internet services with speeds of up to 30 megabits per second along with unlimited data priced at RM69 per month.

The package, which will begin to be offered this March, targets the B40 group, veterans, the disabled and the elderly to access broadband services at a lower price.

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