Maxis collaborates with Sabahan and Sarawakian artistes for Kaamatan and Gawai

Maxis collaborates with Sabahan and Sarawakian artistes for Kaamatan and Gawai

Sabahan duo Atmosfera and Sarawakian Alena Murang have produced festive music videos which bring to life both harvest festivals

THERE is certainly much to celebrate during the harvest festivals of Kaamatan in Sabah, which starts on May 30, and Gawai in Sarawak, beginning June 1. This year, as part of this rich tradition, Maxis is collaborating with local artistes to produce a festive music video which brings to life a unique interpretation of both harvest festivals, as well as the spirit of a vibrant community.

Popular Sabahan duo, Atmosfera, founded by brothers Hezron and Hazrenol Rayner, has released Kaamatan. Sung in the local Dusun language with the support of fellow Sabahan Ayie from Floor 88, Kaamatan is both festive and catchy, with a hook that will invite repeated plays at many get togethers.

Watch the Kaamatan music video here:

Sarawakian Alena Murang, who is of Dayak-Kelabit heritage, has released her Sun Hat Song, in which the acoustics reverbs with classic rock vibes, and is sung in multiple languages: English, Iban, Bidayuh, Kelabit and Kenyah.

Watch the Sun Hat Song music video here:

“We join the diverse communities of Rangkaian Malaysia, especially those in Sabah and Sarawak, who will be celebrating Kaamatan and Gawai respectively, together with their families and loved ones. In serving Rangkaian Sabah and Rangkaian Sarawak, we are excited to partner with local artistes in these wonderful songs about the spirit of togetherness.

“It reflects our own commitment to bring together communities through collaboration, so that they can always be ahead,” said Tai Kam Leong, head of brand and marketing, Maxis.

source – The Vibes

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