Mattimus is back with a new music single, “This Is for You,” featuring the amazingly talented Jackie Paladino!

Mattimus is back with a new music single, “This Is for You,” featuring the amazingly talented Jackie Paladino!

LOS ANGELES, July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “This Is for You” is an adult-contemporary duet starring Mattimus and the amazingly talented singer-songwriter and actress, Jackie Paladino. Available now on Apple Music, Spotify, and 150+ worldwide streaming and download services.

Jackie Paladino is one of the leading voices of a new generation of empathetic, socially aware artists. By fusing the timeless, uplifting power of soul and gospel with futuristic electro pop, she has created a safe space for the historically oppressed. “Ms. Paladino has been going the extra mile to make the world a better place by helping others step into their light,” wrote Victor Williams of NY Weekly.

“When I heard her voice, I knew she would be perfect for this song. She was key to bringing our vision to life.” said Mattimus. He continued, “This song will help people get through tough times. We’ve all been knocked to the floor and felt like this is it, I’ll never get up. Have faith that we’re loved by someone or something out there. We may feel lost at times, but we’re never truly alone.”

Ms. Paladino stated, “I hope “This Is for You” reminds listeners, especially those wrestling with grief and misfortune, that even in their lowest and loneliest moments they are not alone. I hope it influences others to view themselves as the precious miracle that they are, given the 1/400 trillion chance of having been chosen to exist at all, and inspires us all to lead with love.”

In collaboration with Tokyo Kyz, the dynamic duo turned a dream into reality for 13-year-old, new singer-songwriter, Alyssah George. “It’s a song I wrote to help other people going through the same rough emotions I was going through. I hope to write more and more songs for people, and to inspire people who have dreams and goals that they can accomplish them,” said Ms. George.

“The song was so positive and beautiful it gave me the chills. This is Alyssah’s debut as a primary lyricist and composer. I really look forward to working with her again on future materials.” says Mattimus.

Love the song? Tell Mattimus and Jackie about your experiences. Visit Mattimus at and Jackie Paladino at to learn more.

SOURCE – Mattimus

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