Mat Kilau ‘looking for’ Studio Kembara, disappointed that it is hard to contact?

Mat Kilau ‘looking for’ Studio Kembara, disappointed that it is hard to contact?

WHEN the film Mat Kilau: The Rise of Heroes continues to create a phenomenon and many mentions, it is different this time when the main actor of the Malay film, Datuk Adi Putra seems to be ‘disappointed’ with the film’s production company.

The matter became a question mark for many people, especially fans of the film when Adi, who plays the main role as Mat Kilau, uploaded a post on his Instagram social page, such as ‘looking for’ Kembara Studio Sdn Bhd (Studio Kembara).

Adi or his real name is Mohamed Hadi Putera Halim, 41, sarcastically said that he could give a mobile phone to Studio Kembara after it was believed to be difficult to contact.

“Assalamualaikum, to Kembara Studio Sdn Bhd (Studio Kembara), if there is not enough ‘ handphone ‘ (mobile phone) because it is difficult to contact, I am willing to give a ‘ handphone ‘ as a gift to make it easy to communicate and deal,” he said in the message, on Thursday .

The famous movie star said, he had to choose to use social media so that the ‘message’ he wanted to convey could be accepted by Studio Kembara.

“May this message reach the concerned party and may God make all matters easier,” he added.

Without revealing the ongoing crisis, Adi also confirmed that he will not be present at the gala screening of the film Mat Kilau: Kebangkitan Pahlawan in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Astro AWANI ‘s survey on social media found that fans jokingly left comments stating that Mat Kilau was angry.

Meanwhile, quoting a report from Harian Metro , Producer and Managing Director of Studio Kembara, Abdul Rahman Mt Dali said, Adi did not contact him.

“Not me. My friend just sent it this morning, all of a sudden.

“I am not sure who he contacted. Later I will get a response from the staff who he tried to contact,” he said citing the report.

At the same time, Abdul Rahman said, as far as he knows, no issues have been raised before.

Mat Kilau: The Rise of Heroes is expected to be shown in Indonesia from August 31.

The film directed by Syamsul Yusof recorded a ticket collection amounting to RM96 million within 40 days of screening starting June 23.

Apart from Adi, the film is lined up with great actors such as Beto Kusyairy, Fattah Amin, Johan As’ari and Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan.

source – Hasimi Muhamad

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