Maryam Zhafira, a special child destined to sow grace

Maryam Zhafira, a special child destined to sow grace

KUALA LUMPUR: Despite her physical and intellectual condition which is probably restricted compared to other children, however, Maryam Zhafira Khairul Anuar, 10, is not an ordinary child.

Who would have thought, when both her parents made every effort to help Maryam Zhafira cope with Down Syndrome, including various physiotherapy activities, they finally found the hidden talent in the child of heaven to produce paintings that are so highly valued.

Starting from there, Dr Khairul Anuar Abd Aziz and his wife Sharifah Sarah Syed Mohamed Tahir realized that there was something that could be done with Maryam Zhafira’s paintings, which led to the Maryam Saves a Heart (MSAH) initiative.

“In the beginning, Maryam did a lot of physiotherapy, activities to find her motor skills. When he doesn’t have much interest, we try drawing activities … (as a result) he has a talent for drawing and coloring.

“At that time, four years ago, he was only six years old. When there are so many paintings, we feel like selling them.

“Tengok-tengok can raise funds, a platform for people to contribute. At the same time, I work at the National Heart Institute (IJN), many times we face people who are less able to finance the cost of treatment, “said Dr Khairul Anuar again.

The father of three, who is also a Cardiothoracic Specialist at IJN, said this at the Maryam Saves A Heart & Down Syndrome’s Awareness Showcase-A Charity Art Auction program, in the capital recently.

According to Dr Khairul Anuar, through the MSAH initiative in collaboration with several other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as the Chow Kit Foundation, Tiny Gold Hearts Project, Give Asia, Min Qalby Foundation and IJN itself, he hopes that more light can be given to children. like Mary.

Survey found that the paintings produced by Maryam Zhafira were really impressive and were produced by following certain themes such as abstract, flora and outer space.

With her imagination, Maryam Zhafira expressed her expression and talent on canvas, and it is not surprising that the work that the children produced can be sold starting at a price between RM800 to RM2,000 for the beginning of the bidding.

Dr Khairul Anuar said, before this, MSAH which started in 2020 managed to raise around RM100,000 through the sale of Maryam Zhafira’s paintings as well as donations from parties concerned with the vision of the initiative.

For the exhibition and bidding for Maryam Zhafira’s work this time, he said, MSAH would channel 80 per cent of the bidding proceeds to the Madhya Fund as well as the incubator fund under the supervision of the Chow Kit Foundation, specifically to help children with critical illnesses and incapacity. medical costs.

While the remaining 20 percent, explained Dr Khairul Anuar, will be used for the use of Maryam Zhafira in the future.

Meanwhile, Sharifah Sarah, who is also the Chief Business Group Officer, Wholesale Banking of Bank Islam urged parents out there to try to get help or advice if their children suffer from Down Syndrome.

As a mother of special children like Maryam Zhafira, she understands the factors that constrain some parents from seeking help such as embarrassment, lack of time or financial factors especially for those from the B40 group.

“There is assistance from NGOs and the government which is at a very low rate and free and as parents, even if we cannot afford it, we have to find creative ways.

“And don’t feel guilty if we can’t be with our children 100 percent. The important thing is when we are with them, pay full attention to them.

“Like me and Maryam, we always try to explore new activities such as swimming, camping and walking. Even from that activity he can learn. And most importantly he learned what we do. Involve them in daily activities. That is the main message, don’t feel that their capabilities are limited, “he said.

For those who are interested in seeing the Maryam Saves a Heart exhibition, you can visit GMBB Kuala Lumpur until June 25 or can bid on the Facebook and Instagram pages – MaryamSavesAHeart.

source – Firdaus Azil

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