Marrying Nabil Mahir because of wealth? This is Ayda Jebat’s answer…

Marrying Nabil Mahir because of wealth? This is Ayda Jebat’s answer…

RECENTLY, there were allegations that singer and actress Ayda Jebat married her husband, Nabil Mahir due to the pursuit of wealth.

However, according to the Better Than You singer , she never thought in that direction when she first met her husband.

In fact, to this day, everything she wants, must be bought with her own money.

“I am not a woman who looks at wealth. It’s true, Nabil does give me alimony, but for me, we can’t depend too much on my husband’s money alone.

“What I want, I buy myself. Nabil is also very familiar with me who doesn’t like to beg, although she often asks why I don’t just ask him.

“I’m comfortable this way. If I buy something, I just think that it is a reward for myself. It’s enough that Nabil has given me love and attention,” she said .

Ayda said this at the preview of the video clip for her latest single, Tak Bisa Lepas recently.

Speaking about her latest song, Ayda said that the single, which was written and recorded around three years ago, tells the journey of their life story in delving into the heart and bringing the relationship to a more serious phase.

“I wrote what came to mind during my acquaintance with Nabil in this song as a memory for both of us.

“Additionally, it’s been a while since I came out with a new single. Hopefully this song will be well received by listeners and fans as well as couples who are in love,” she said.

Tak Bisa Lepas was co-created and written by composer from Indonesia, Irwan Simanjuntak.

source – Gempak .

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