Marmoset Announces Track Club, A New Music Licensing Subscription App

PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today Marmoset announced Track Club, a new music licensing subscription app for the creator economy. As members of the fastest growing sector of the global small business economy, content creators are producing high-volume video, audio and streaming content at a record pace, but have limited access to quality music to use in their projects. Track Club meets this need as the first music licensing app to provide 100% customizable songs.

Creators can use Track Club’s never-before-seen in-app music customization feature, MixLab™(patent-pending), to infinitely customize the stems of any Track Club song, by muting or soloing instruments, adjusting volume levels, and download their custom mix for use in their video, audio or streaming content.

Track Club is powered by Marmoset — the only Certified B-Corp in the music licensing industry. Committed to reinvesting 10% of profits into community partners, Marmoset gave more than $100k in 2021 to community non-profits working for social justice, education, houselessness, music and arts advocacy, equity and inclusion, civil rights and more.

Track Club also prides itself on competitive royalty payouts for artists, making it the obvious choice for conscious creators looking for transparency and tangible impact in a music partner.

Track Club will launch publicly on March 1, 2022 with an individual tier at $18.00/mo or $144.00/year, business tier at $58.00/mo or $465.00/year and a enterprise tier at a custom quote, offering a cost-effective plan for high-volume creators looking for unlimited legal use of high-quality, 100% customizable music. Track Club is currently accepting applications for beta users here.

CEO and Founder Ryan Wines said, “We’re excited to introduce never-before-seen features to the creator marketplace, growing our community focused, equity-driven business model. At Track Club we have a “less is more” approach to music, focusing on small-batch, fully customizable songs that are recorded with hearts and hands, by hard-working indie artists — providing an alternative to the stock music factories funded by billion dollar investment banks.”

With a Track Club subscription, creators will have access to Track Club’s full roster of highly-curated, exclusive music at their fingertips. Users can leverage Marmoset’s ARC™ filters to search Track Club’s roster and find the perfect song for their project. The app also provides peace of mind with Track Club’s instant clearance feature, TrackID™, ensuring users are clear to legally use music in their content.

For more information about Marmoset’s focus on the creator economy, read CEO and Founder Ryan Wines’ Marmoset Journal Post here. To apply for Track Club’s beta program, click here.

About Marmoset

Marmoset is a full-service music licensing agency founded by CEO Ryan Wines in 2010, representing a highly-curated roster of diverse and rare artists, bands, record labels and vintage recordings for music licensing. The only Certified B-Corp in the game, Marmoset is the first in the industry to give back 10% of profits to community partners, and the only company to issue an annual Transparency Report, providing a clear line of sight through the entire organization.


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