Marche Du Film is the country’s best film industry platform to penetrate the international market

Marche Du Film is the country’s best film industry platform to penetrate the international market

CANNES: Marche Du Film, the world’s largest international film exhibition which took place here since May 17, is the best platform for Malaysian films to penetrate the international market.

Most of the creative industry activists who participated in the exhibition saw the annual event as a platform that opened up opportunities for the country’s creative industry activists to collaborate with international production companies, especially in the publication, distribution and sale of Malaysian creative industry products to the global market.

Multimedia Film Productions Sdn Bhd executive director Keoh Chee Ang, who participated in the film exhibition for the first time, said Marche Du Film was a little different from the Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore film markets he had participated in before as it connected industry players with western countries.

“It’s a good thing to explore and quite interesting … it should be continued every year. Malaysia should always participate in it, there is a place on the world stage at least we are slowly being known to the world,” he told reporters.

He who brought seven titles including the film Air Force The Movie to the film market hoped that he could sell the product to foreign buyers and at the same time introduce the Malaysian film industry to them.

“I aim to sell our films in Western European countries. According to past experience, they are very rare to watch our films, some of them don’t even know about Malaysia, where Malaysia is,” he said.

Marche Du Film is the film industry’s largest gathering for producers, financiers, broadcasters, distributors, suppliers and buyers from around the world to meet, share ideas and make deals.

A total of 250 companies from 110 countries participated in the nine -day film market starting May 17.

Sharing the same opinion, KL Television Network Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Officer Faiz Helimi said film industry players should take the opportunity given not only to film production but also to film distribution at the international level.

He said many production companies and external distribution companies were interested in some of the content brought in by the country’s film industry players.

“If we look at the international market, they really need content and visuals that are so cinematic that describe the identity of a country.

“We meet all the criteria and I think this opportunity should be taken well by local film producers because of the value aspect that we try to highlight in the content of our films,” he said, who also participated in the film exhibition for the first time.

Faiz said so far a company from Venezuela had expressed interest in co -producing and distributing films with KL Television Network.

Meanwhile, Barnstorm Entertainment Sdn Bhd CEO and Producer Brando Lee said the preparation of every local industry player is very important before they reach any film market including building relationships from scratch so that it is easy to sell creative content products in the international market.

“Indeed, Marche Du Film is a good platform. The producer’s preparation is very important before he gets here, you can’t expect people to go around buying food, vegetables, groceries … no. They have to have a lot of contacts, develop a network with they (international industry players).

“The important thing is that the product must have a level that can be accepted by the public, that is very important. Because in the international market there are many options, various languages ​​and genres … all sorts. Indeed, we have to remain more competitive when we produce films,” he said. he said.

Sharing this is his first participation in Marche Du Film, Lee said he would join the film exhibition next year if given the opportunity, not only to promote and sell his company’s creative content products but also as a sign of support for the Malaysian National Film Development Corporation as a leader.

source – BERNAMA

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