Many stumbled upon the lyrics of ‘Dengarkanlah’, here are 5 facts about it

Many stumbled upon the lyrics of ‘Dengarkanlah’, here are 5 facts about it

LYRICS of the song with the verse “Dengarkanlah Di Sepanjang Malam Aku Berdoa” are now trending and contagious among social media users in Malaysia.

Let many people follow the ‘whistling’ or just humming , but there are also those who feel disgusted because of the way he sings that is too dripping and whining.

Ironically, the song, which is a product of Indonesian musicians, has been marketed in the republic since the beginning of this year.

Let’s check the facts behind this song.

Kangen Band vs Raffa Affar

The song with the lyrics “Listen All Night I Pray” was first heard on social media platforms and became viral by a young singer named Raffa Affar since last January.

It then went viral in Tiktok.

Raffa, who is only 19 years old, is a social media personality who often sings cover songs by other singers.

But last February, the Indonesian group that is known as the King of Malay Pop, Kangen Band marketed the song in their version.

In addition to successfully recapturing their old fans, the song later became a phenomenon among music fans.

Kangen Band also appeared with their original members namely Andika Mahesa (vocals), Dodhy (guitar), Tama (rhythm), Izzy (keyboards), Bebe (bass), Baim (drums), and Eren (backing vocals).

So officially, “Cinta Sampai Mati” is available in two versions, namely a solo version sung by Raffa Affar, while the group version is presented by Kangen Band.

It’s up to you, whose taste you prefer to choose, guys.

Love to death
The real title of the song “Di Sepanjang Malam Aku Berdoa” is “Cinta Sampai Mati”.

The song was created by the wife of Kangen Band guitarist, Dhody, Ayu Rizki Ani.

But most listeners are quite interested in the chorus part so that the search for this song on Google is more to the lyrics, not to the song “Cinta Sampai Mati”.

The music video “Love Until Death” which has been uploaded on Raffa Affar’s YouTube since last January has turned out to be a phenomenon.

It has been viewed close to a total of 25 million views, with 17,000 comments left by listeners in YouTube registered under the name RaffaBadri29.

Meanwhile, the music video of Kangen Band’s version was viewed by 27 million views with 55,000 comments left since it was uploaded about more than a month ago.

In other apps like Tiktok, it has been produced in various versions by netizens including di – remixes and remains trending until now.

Song Meaning
According to Kangen Band, “Love Until Death” tells the story of an eternal love story about those who love each other until the end of their lives.

It is understood that Andika Mahesa once left Kangen Band.

Yet it is also interpreted differently by the listeners according to their preferences.

For most Kangen Band fans, they think “Cinta Sampai Mati” has brought back the glory of their youth when the group became so popular at some point in the past.

For the record, Kangen Band has been active in the music scene since 2006.

This band from Lampung gave birth to their first album, About Me, You & Dia in 2007 and had split.

Among their hit songs is “About Aku, Kau & Dia” which has been watched over 70 million views and exploded the name of Kangen Band more than 10 years ago.

source – Gempak

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