Many netizens pan Mat Kilau film after it debuts on Netflix

Many netizens pan Mat Kilau film after it debuts on Netflix

Commenters, however, praise actors’ performance

KUALA LUMPUR – Since streaming on Netflix for the past four days, the Malay blockbuster film Mat Kilau: Kebangkitan Pahlawan (Mat Kilau: Rise of the Warrior) has drawn the ire of many netizens on social media.

Average moviegoers who have supposedly seen the film for the first time are reportedly disappointed by its level of quality, despite its intention to tell the story of the Malay freedom fighter who is said to have countered the British colonial forces in Pahang in the 19th century and early part of the 20th.

Among the criticisms that netizens have levelled against the film is the quality of the cinematography in the action scenes, which has been panned for being poor.

“The cinematography of the action scenes is a mess. The actor moves once, and the camera shakes ten times,” said a Twitter user @KosmikPlays.

Baru habis tengok Mat Kilau.

Sinematografi babak aksi kucar-kacir. Pelakon gerak sekali, kamera goyang 10 kali.

Guna tokoh sejarah untuk penceritaan tahap kartun Sabtu pagi.

Dialog ibarat ceramah yang ditujukan penonton IQ rendah.

Filem sempurna untuk orang Melayu 👍— Burhan (@KosmikPlays) September 16, 2022
@TengkuDTrace also made the same criticism of the perceived camera control which he said had spoiled the film.

“I swear, the camera has spoiled (the scenes) with shaking here and there. I think the other parts can be improved upon. It’s just the camera, you have to improve it kaw kaw (immensely),” he said.

Others have said that the film’s script reads like a boring lecture and fails to capture their attention.

Twitter user @mofiercee described the movie’s dialogue as cringeworthy and likened it to the comments made by “every boomer” on Facebook on Malay entertainment news posts.

“Watched it during break time, and we couldn’t finish it halfway. Watching Fattah Amin as a hero is just super weird. I could sense the awkwardness of him playing that character,” the user added.

@MrL961 who also agreed with the comment, said the dialogue was too direct and should have been symbolic, so that the audience can discuss it after the show.

“It’s a shame because the movie’s plot is not bad,” the user said.

@aizatnzr wrote: “The dialogue is basically the characters saying the same thing differently throughout the whole movie.”

Meanwhile, Twitter user @adam_danial033 in expressed his dissatisfaction with the movie and said that the movie actually has the potential to be good regardless of whether it is fictional or historically accurate.

However, he praised the actors’ individual performances.

“Just watched that last night. Good effort, but I give it 5/10. Went to the kitchen and toilet a few times because it was a bit boring.

“The actors are all the best. Acting is best individually. But the whole movie was so-so. Not a movie expert. Just my honest 2 cents,” @FitriahKhalidah remarked.

Earlier, the film directed by Syamsul Yusof created history when it became the highest-grossing film in the country’s film history.

After 33 days of being screened in cinemas, Mat Kilau: Rise of Heroes collected more than RM90 million, surpassing Avengers: End Game, which collected RM87 million in Malaysia.

The movie has courted a great deal of controversy. Among the objections is the portrayal of Sikh troops under British command, who were depicted as being excessively violent.

Independent historian Ranjit Singh Malhi, who has highlighted various historical inaccuracies in the move, has said that it should only be promoted as a work of pure fiction and should not serve as a reference for the nation’s history.

source – The Vibes

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