Man Kidal got out of trouble after getting help from LZS

Man Kidal got out of trouble after getting help from LZS

SHAH ALAM: Legendary guitarist, Man Kidal admits that he is back on his feet and eager to get out of life’s hardships after receiving help from the Selangor Zakat Board (LZS).

Man Kidal or his real name is Abdul Rahman Mahmood, 58, said that the help extended by LZS last year helped him in terms of his disturbed emotions, especially after contracting COVID-19 and suffering a loss of almost half a million ringgit in business.

“Before the PKP (Movement Control Order) came into effect, I had taken out capital and invested 50 percent in this industry.

“As soon as the country implements the MCO, my economy is severely affected and I have already invested a lot, in addition this MCO is something unexpected,” he said on the LZS Chat on Facebook on Sunday.

The LZSA chat program hosted by Anim Ezati Rizki lasted about 33 minutes.

Man Kidal said, the MCO period was the most difficult during the 45 years he has been active in the art world of his country.

He said, being categorized as a temporary asnaf by LZS was never expected, let alone being a zakat payer before.

“When I was in business, I paid zakat once a month and this is very important for us to help those in need.

“But when it comes to me, here is the importance of zakat to lighten the burden because when I was doing business we didn’t feel (difficulty), but when we receive (then) we understand,” he said.

Man Kidal explained that LZS greatly helped his life and that of his family, especially when they lost their livelihood.

He said that through the help of LZS, he is more eager to increase his income and get out of trouble.

“The help of LZS really helped me to move and get rid of the burden, especially after being infected with COVID-19,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head of LZS Petaling Distribution Operations, Syaril Ritin said, the first time LZS gave help to Man Kidal was when he handed over food aid at the artist’s house last year.

Syaril said, at that time, he only placed help outside the house because Man Kidal was infected with COVID-19.

“A few days later there was an uproar on social media, Man Kidal thanking LZS for the donation before I myself received a call from Man Kidal to help with the next aid process.

“The need for LZS to be channeled to Man Kidal is monthly financial assistance to cover basic needs.

“In addition, food aid, medical aid for his wife who has knee problems,” he said.

source – Sinar Harian

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