“Mama, is it true that dad is married to someone else?” – Puteri Sarah hesitated to answer her son’s question

“Mama, is it true that dad is married to someone else?” – Puteri Sarah hesitated to answer her son’s question

ACTRESS Puteri Sarah admitted that she was shocked to hear the question of her eldest son, Sheikhul Islam, who asked about the status of his father, Syamsul Yusof.

Puteri Sarah shared the matter through a snippet on her Insta Story column.

The snippet also revealed that Shaykhul also asked if their father had other individuals in his life.

“Just came back from a photoshoot. When we got home, Shaykhul asked me, ‘mama, is it true that dad married someone else?’

“That’s why dad hasn’t come home for a long time? Why do you have someone else? How do you answer a 6 year old boy? I’m speechless,” she wrote.

In the same message, Puteri Sarah also gave advice to men out there who are thinking about polygamy.

“To the selfish men out there, what does the wife have to answer to these little children? I want to say, ‘father married because he wanted to avoid immorality’. ‘Father follow God’s orders’. Like how u answered in the video?

“Has it ever happened to you, one day you have to answer it near your child? No! Hang just pikiaq lust hang, follow the head hotak hang ja. Do you think you won’t elope in Siam later, what will your child ask you to answer?

“Men out there, before you want to argue that polygamy is sunnah, learn Islam again. And think what the consequences are for him,” she stressed.

Earlier, Puteri Sarah filed for divorce with her husband last Monday with the date of the divorce application case to take place on March 7 next at the Federal Territories Syariah Court.

The divorce application was filed in accordance with Section 47 of the Islamic Family Law Act (Federal Territories) 1984.

Puteri Sarah and Syamsul’s domestic conflict began to be talked about four years ago, but Datuk Yusof Haslam’s son never opened his mouth about it.

Following Syamsul’s confession, topics related to his domestic crisis and the presence of Ira Kazar as his second wife were hotly discussed until they ‘trended’ in social media.

Puteri Sarah and Syamsul got married on 8 March 2014 and were blessed with two children, Syaikul Islam, 5, and Summayah, 3.


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