Malaysian-Indonesian media practitioners need to take advantage of social media

Malaysian-Indonesian media practitioners need to take advantage of social media

BANGI: Indonesian and Malaysian media practitioners need to make use of social media applications such as WhatsApp to stay in touch to share developments in both countries, said the President of Ikatan Setia Kawan Wartawan Malaysia-Indonesia (Iswami) Malaysia, Datuk Mokhtar Hussain.

Speaking at the Iswami dinner in conjunction with the Indonesian Media Friends’ Loyal Visit to Malaysia, here, yesterday, Mokhtar said the medium was a platform to strengthen the existing close relationship between media practitioners of the two countries.

“It is good that the media from these two countries (Malaysia-Indonesia) always share the development of their respective countries.

“For example, we have set up Whatsapp groups that allow us to connect on a daily basis,” he said.

Mokhtar said as a token of Iswami Malaysia’s gratitude to Iswami Indonesia for accepting the invitation to attend the four -day program starting yesterday, his party planned to hold a visit session for young Malaysian journalists to Indonesia soon.

Among those present at the ceremony were the Acting Chief Executive Officer, National News Agency (Bernama), Roslan Ariffin, Iswami Advisor, Datuk Zakaria Abdul Wahab and National Journalist, Tan Sri Johan Jaafar.

Meanwhile, IDN Times Deputy Editor -in -Chief, Umi Kalsum expressed his admiration for being given the opportunity to visit the studio of Les’ Copaque Production, the animation production company that produces the popular 3D animated TV series’ Upin Ipin ‘in Shah Alam, Selangor yesterday.

“The food of this program is amazing, we get a lot of new perspectives that are beneficial for all of us. We also get to educate our readers as a result of this visit,” he said.

Therefore, he hoped that such a program could strengthen the existing close relationship between Malaysian-Indonesian media practitioners.

The visit program is a continuation of the Indonesian Main Media Leaders Program which was present at the National Journalist Day (Hawana) 2022 in Melaka, last May 19.

Iswami was established on 8 Jan 2008 and is comprised of various Malaysian media agencies, organizations and organizations while Iswami Indonesia is led by Asro Kamal Rokan.

The association was established to harmonize bilateral relations in addressing issues of mutual interest, in addition to acting as a mediator to the media in both countries in addressing current issues.

source – BERNAMA

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