Malaysian designers ‘Wan & Mary’ make their debut at the Thai Silk International Fashion Week

Malaysian designers ‘Wan & Mary’ make their debut at the Thai Silk International Fashion Week

BANGKOK: Malaysian fashion designer Hazzerwan Hazlee and Maryam Musa, the founders of ‘Wan & Mary’ presented a modern contemporary collection of Thai silk at the third Thai Silk International Fashion Week held in Bangkok.

The ‘La’ Betta’ collection, inspired by the ‘Siamese Fighting Fish’ or known as ‘Ikan Laga’ in Malaysia which symbolizes beauty and freedom.

The pair of designers produced a total of 26 pieces of Thai silk garments with a combination of touches based on traditional Malaysian clothing such as the Kebaya.

Maryam said it took the two of them about three weeks to complete the dress.

“This is the first time Wan & Mary appeared on the stage of an international fashion show. It is also the biggest collection we have designed so far,” she said after the fashion show.

Meanwhile, Hazzerwan said their collection featured a variety of designs, using a combination of bright colors and a mix of Thai silk and silk tulle to create a demi-couture look.

“Wan & Mary use Thai silk for the Baju Kurung or traditional clothes we design. However, at the exhibition we also present a selection of contemporary modern Thai silk dresses.

“Many may think Thai silk is only suitable for traditional clothing. We hope the show will encourage the younger generation to wear Thai silk with contemporary designs,” he said.

Malaysian Ambassador to Thailand Datuk Jojie Samuel and his wife Datin Catherina Cherian Samuel were also present at the fashion show which was held on Saturday.

Also present was Malaysian fashion icon and international shoe designer Datuk Jimmy Choo.

The fashion week was organized by the Office of the Prime Minister of Thailand in collaboration with the Thai Culture and Promotion Association in conjunction with the 90th anniversary of the Queen of Circuit.

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