Malaysia Heritage Studios in Melaka opened this past weekend

Malaysia Heritage Studios in Melaka opened this past weekend

The tourist attraction features 13 houses representing the states of Malaysia, highlighting their unique culture and heritage

MELAKA – Malaysia Heritage Studios at Taman Mini Malaysia in Ayer Keroh, worth about RM20 million, opened to visitors this past weekend.

General manager Anir Syazwan Sharbirin, said a total of 13 houses representing the states of Malaysia were restored and upgraded according to each state’s theme or elements of culture and heritage, using various technologies and new approaches to attract visitors.

Citing the interior of Rumah Kedah as an example, he said the theme is based on faith or ‘from another world‘ with a display of padi-shaped lamps and lanterns that are symbolic to the respective races, while Rumah Sabah themed ‘one thousand and one Borneo nights’ highlights various types of face masks, synonymous with the beliefs or rituals of the communities in the state.

“Malaysia Heritage Studios has given every house at Taman Mini Malaysia a makeover using various attractions such as the display of padi-shaped lamps in the Kedah House.

“Malaysia Heritage Studios is not like a museum because the exhibits or work of art inside each house and its surrounding area are immersive to allow visitors to have a feel of the actual situation,” he said during a media visit on Saturday.

In addition, he said legendary Malaysian characters or mystical creatures such as sang kelembai, mawas, gajah mina, semberani, naga Tasik Chini will also be featured through animatronics technology at the central area.

For the first phase opening or pre-launch of the Malaysia Heritage Studios that will last until December 31, only two houses, namely Rumah Kedah and Rumah Sabah will be opened to visitors.

However, Anir Syazwan said visitors are allowed to take photographs of the other houses and enjoy the cultural activities as well as take a closer look at legendary characters such as Cik Siti Wan Kembang, Puteri Gunung Ledang, Mat Kilau, Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat and Rentap.

During the pre-launch period tickets will be sold at RM28 for adults and children (RM25) compared to the original price of RM45 (for adults), senior citizens and children (RM35) and the disabled (RM30).

“Under phase one, we have restored every house in Taman Mini Malaysia to ensure safety and all 13 state houses will be opened to visitors by June next year.”

source – Bernama

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