Malaysia Day: Change the stigma of libraries only for reading books, boring

Malaysia Day: Change the stigma of libraries only for reading books, boring

IPOH: The role of the library should not only be seen as a bookstore, but extend to a variety of fun programs.

Usually a few people often think of the library as a formal place and avoid doing activities there, following the ban on making noise and so on.

Nevertheless, there are various filling activities that can be organized here, in addition to being a gathering ground for people of various races.

According to the head of the Tun Razak Library (PTR) Ipoh Division, Rohayu Mohd Tahir, he actively runs community programs so that people make the library a friend or reference point.

“We must get rid of the stigma or notion that this library is just a place to read books, be quiet and not make noise.

“Actually, we can diversify the educational programs as well, for people of various ages and races.

“We make a program to apply their identity to them, give them self-confidence by engaging in interesting activities here, we have to make this library usable for various programs,” he said.

He said this at a press conference after the inauguration of the My Love PTR- Semangat Merdeka program and Malaysia Day 2022 at the Tun Razak Library, here on Thursday.

Also present was Ipoh City Council (MBI) Councillor, Datuk Azizul Kama Abd Aziz who is also a member of the MBI Education Sub-Committee.

In the meantime, Rohayu said PTR in collaboration with MBI is also actively moving to schools in the city.

“In this way we can promote PTR, besides that there is urban farming here and people come here to see the garden.

“Many schools have also started to be interested in working with PTR, after this we will go to schools to organize interesting programs and make sure the school library is more systematic,” he added.

Meanwhile, Azizul Kama said PTR is indeed a synonym for the people in the city of Ipoh in particular.

“Maybe many people don’t know but I grew up with this library. You can say I graduated from here, I gained a lot of knowledge here.

“In the past, apart from the cinema, we only had this library. Here we gathered and exchanged opinions around the 70s and 80s.

“The efforts made by PTR, I am sure it will become an icon in this city, most importantly it is not only synonymous with books but many interesting activities,” he said.

Earlier, at the program, more than 300 participants from kindergartens and schools in the city participated in competitions and lectures that were organized.

Among the organized competitions are various costumes, rhythmic speaking and a motivational talk in conjunction with Malaysia Day delivered by the former 5th Ipoh mayor, Datuk Sirajuddin Salleh.

source – Aida Aziz

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