Malay textile art is proof that malay society is not lazy – John Ang

Malay textile art is proof that malay society is not lazy – John Ang

KUALA LUMPUR : The production of Malay textile art in the olden days is enough to prove the attitude of the community which has indeed put a lot of effort into producing the art.

According to Textile Collector and Curator, John Ang, the situation also indirectly refutes the claims of the British who described the Malays as being ‘lazy’.

“When we look at the production of Malay textiles, too much effort is put into producing the work and this is also proof that the Malays are very hardworking.

“The British used to claim that the Malays were lazy but the opposite has been proven because they (the Malays) need to focus on producing the textile because otherwise it will not be successfully produced.

“It is not an easy matter,” he said .

He said this during the ‘Splendours Of Malay World Textiles’ exhibition which took place at Menara Ken, Taman Tun Dr Ismail which started from 24 July until 30 October.

Among other things, the exhibition is an effort to deepen the culture of the Malay community which is considered to be fading with the passage of time.

In addition, John also thinks that education in this country still lacks knowledge of culture, especially for the younger generation.

“Awareness about culture is disappearing especially with the passage of time. And right now, it all depends on digital.

“And the education system lacks focus on education for the younger generation related to culture, including culture around the world,” he added.

source – Hilmi Malik

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