Mak Wan Latah to court July 28 – Didie Alias ​​shared the development of the issue with a former personal assistant

Mak Wan Latah to court July 28 – Didie Alias ​​shared the development of the issue with a former personal assistant

The controversy that plagued senior actor, Halimatussa’diah Mohd Daud or better known as Mak Wan Latah with her former personal assistant may end soon when the case is now under scrutiny by the authorities and the courts.

Didie Alias ​​said she had already met Mak Wan a few weeks ago and had heard the real story and everything related to the issue from the dramatic mouth itself.

“I personally asked her to tell me a story because in many of the artist’s friends, no one knows anything about her.

“Alhamdulillah, I have already got the real story about the issue, A to Z. After I get the real story, I will always be on Mak Wan’s side. Because we have evidence. For example, proof of money coming in and out of a bank managed by the party concerned.

“Yes, maybe Mak Wan knows what she took it out for, but she couldn’t get it. While she wants to buy medicine and eat, she has no money. Why do you have to mistreat her like that? And why do you have to create content that brings down his reputation? What do you really get?” she said.

Didie said Mak Wan’s former personal assistant had asked to meet, but she was comfortable to meet Wan Wan first.

“Indeed, she invited me to meet her, ready to call me a coward. But who are you? That is why I chose to meet Mak Wan first, ”she said.

At the same time, Didie also shared the latest developments of Mak Wan who has already been called by the authorities to provide further information on the issue.

“Mak Wan was called by the police at Taiping Police Station, Perak on Tuesday. And as far as I know, this case will be brought to court on July 28. As someone close to Mak Wan, I will continue to monitor.

“I hope that we can pray for Mak Wan’s part to be completed quickly. We ask the authorities to judge this matter fairly. Because all the evidence is there. No one else wants to help her, not even the association… where are they? So who else wants to help if not us?” close Didie.

Earlier, Mak Wan Latah’s former personal assistant revealed the true attitude of her former employer who is said to be hot -tempered and likes to make up stories.

source – Gempak

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