M1NTED, Malaysia’s biggest NFT conference-festival arrives next month

M1NTED, Malaysia’s biggest NFT conference-festival arrives next month

Taking place over a number of venues from August 22 to 28, this event aims to be about all things NFT

WITH the rise of crypto – despite its recent fluctuations – NFTs have become a rapidly proliferating and rising tech phenomena. This August sees M1NTED, Malaysia’s first-ever NFT conference and festival, taking place over the course of a week from August 22 to 28.

M1NTED Week is a hybrid-style conference and festival bringing together dozens of speakers from around the world, featuring some of the biggest names in the NFT space, as well as a variety of activities on everything NFT.

M1NTED also combines six specially-designed experiences as part of the festival showcase and aims to convene over 1,500 participants. The festival will be held from August 22 to 26, before culminating with the conference over 2 days on August 27 and 28 and with the goal of over 4,000 participants.

“We have extended the original duration of M1NTED to a whole week now, thanks to the very encouraging response that we received from many parties out there,” said The Livescape Group’s CEO Iqbal Ameer.

“We are taking inspiration from the likes of NFT New York City, NFTCON and Miami NFT Week, which makes us unique and different in leading this movement of NFT in Malaysia.

“By sparking such conversations and empowering people through a platform like M1NTED, we are committed to accelerating awareness and education to all uninitiated and initiated NFT buyers about taking control of their financial freedom, through decentralised tools of creative ownership,” added Iqbal.

The first five days of the event will take place across different host venues in Kuala Lumpur, which are Lot 10 Rooftop, Kedai KL, Battle Arena, After Dark Social Club, and Tiffin at the Yard. The final two days of the conference will take place at KLPAC and Tiffin at the Yard.

Participants can expect a number of topics throughout the festival, which is split into different categories across the different venues, namely Art on Day 1, Fashion on Day 2, Music on Day 3, Gaming on Day 4, and F&B on Day 5.

Some topics that will be discussed include: ‘A New Era of Local Artists – Pt. I’; ‘The Future of Fashion: NFTs and the Metaverse’; and ‘What are Non-Fungible Tokens: How They Can Revolutionise and Reshape the F&B Industry’.

In addition to these discussions, there will be other experiences such as the NFT Throwback and NFT Artist Village (Day 1), Kick and Swap (Day 2), Minted Cosplay (Day 3), Beats for Mints (Day 4), and TIFF-in(Day 5).

One of the featured activations will be the M1nted Artist Booth that will be made available in all locations. Attendees will get the chance to meet the artists behind each NFT collection, learning more about their amazing collections and projects.

On the final two conference days, there will be panel discussions and keynote speeches such as Legacy: NFT and Token as Inheritance; Owning a Property in the Metaverse; A New Era of Local Artists Pt. I; The Future of Web3 Gaming; Crypto 101: To Hold Or To Flip?; Screw Spotify; and NFT: Halal or Haram, among others.

Reputed expert speakers include Henry Kim of On1 Force from USA, Canadian duo of Stephen Dowler of Monstercat and Vandal of DAORecords, as well as Akshey of Doodle Estate from India.

M1NTED Week also features local NFT artists such as Ash Nair of Escape Kim, Nicole Yap of 8sian, Imran Haqeem of Tezos. The list also includes Roachpunks, who has recently released a 1/1 NFT edition for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as well as Tigerpunks, who has been aiding in protecting the malayan tiger and wildlife in the country, and more.

There will also be Q&A sessions and fireside chats for attendees to leverage networking opportunities and get acquainted with some of the speakers.

According to Finder.com, 23.9% of Malaysian internet users currently own NFTs. The study which polled over 28,000 people in an online survey across 20 countries to compare NFT ownership, revealed that Malaysia ranks third for NFT adoption.

Additionally, a further 10.5% of respondents said they plan to acquire more NFTs. As a result, NFT adoption in Malaysia could soon hit 34.4%, which only serves to highlight the growth potential of NFTs in the country.

Tickets for M1NTED Week are currently on sale, with over 50% sold off. Prices start at RM150 and tickets are available at Get-Protocol and Pentas.

General ticket holders will have access to all halls while VIP attendees are privy to additional benefits such as early access to pre-launch NFTs and networking opportunities.

For more information, visit www.m1nted.asia or follow https://twitter.com/M1ntedAsia and https://www.instagram.com/m1ntedasia_/.

source – The Vibes


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