M Nasir’s ‘rare’ performance in Manchester can now be appreciated through a special album

M Nasir’s ‘rare’ performance in Manchester can now be appreciated through a special album

KUALA LUMPUR: Twenty -five years ago, more than 900 spectators filled the SEMA Group Concert Hall at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM), Manchester, England.

On 2 and 4 April 1997, they came to watch and appreciate Datuk M. Nasir’s acoustic concert.

The performance organized by Tiang Seri Entertainment with Luncai Emas Sdn Bhd was named M Nasir Crossing UK’97.

Now, after 25 years and to celebrate the anniversary of the concert, Tiang Seri Entertainment and Luncai Emas gave a special gift in the form of a ‘live’ album of the concert to fans of the artist with the title of sifu who could not fly to Manchester when it was held first.

Although this show was held 25 years ago, it is still relevant. In fact, it was something that was ‘rare’ for M Nasir to do at that time.

M Nasir was accompanied by only five musicians, namely Rafi (acoustic guitar), Jay Jay (acoustic bass), S Atan (harmonium and accordion), Mohar (flute) and Ramli (Malay tambourine and drums).

Although it looks minimalist, but the sound combined with M Nasir’s solid vocals makes the show ‘big’.

The producer of this album who is also the organizer of the concert, Ismail Mohd Shariff said, playing music and singing in the acoustic hall of SEMA Group Concert Hall is a new and challenging experience for M Nasir and the musicians involved.

“It requires high skill in terms of instrumental and vocal playing because the performance is completely acoustically wireless (unplugged).

“The recording process is quite complicated where six ‘ambience microphones’ are hung from above each musician and singer. All musical instruments do not use a microphone or any ‘pick up’ unless the acoustic bass is connected to the ‘ amplifier ‘.

“Vocal M Nasir uses a microphone for recording and hall speakers. In conclusion, the sound recorded analogously is the actual sound from musical instruments and vocals,” he said.

Ismail, who is also a lyricist, said that the idea to bring M Nasir to perform there started around 1996.

At that time, Ismail was studying in Manchester with some friends among the students and employees there who were also fans of M Nasir ‘chatting’ about the legendary singer.

They often talk about M Nasir’s album with Kembara and his solo albums such as SOLO, Saudagar Mimpi and Canggung Mendonan.

Coincidentally, a year before that, M Nasir produced a ‘live’ acoustic album, the M Nasir Acoustic Manifestation Root Concert, which was described as one of his best albums.

“Apart from regularly appreciating M Nasir’s songs there, we have a bigger dream to bring M Nasir to perform there.

“The idea also came after I watched a performance by the Javanese Gamelan group from Amsterdam in Manchester.

“I feel it is time for Malaysian artists to leave the Southeast Asian region as do singers and musicians from Latin America, the Middle East, India, China and other Southeast Asian countries,” he said.

The limited edition album contains two compact discs containing 17 songs that were performed acoustically in the concert such as Akar Kita, Keroncong Untuk Ana, Rajawali Terbang Tinggi, Lambaian Sukma, Tanya Sama Itu Hud Hud, Berikan Nurbisa, Mustika, Apokalips, Kepada -Your Beloved and Gurindam Gunung Tahan.

Also included are Ada, Anak Anak Kita, Keroncong Nostradamus, Suatu Masa, Bonda, Mentera Semerah Padi and Kupu Kupu.

It also contains 50 pages of memorabilia books and a replica of A2 -sized cotton canvas painted by Mohd Foad Hassan.

For fans who want to get more information on the limited edition album which is sold at a price of RM250, they can call 011-37421492.

source – Irwan Muhammad Zain


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