M Daud Kilau agreed if he had no more sustenance to sing again

M Daud Kilau agreed if he had no more sustenance to sing again

BAGAN DATUK: It is very difficult for an artist to erode the feeling of love and affection in a field that is already ingrained in his soul.

It is the same for veteran artist, Datuk M Daud Kilau.

After more than five years of taking a break from focusing on health issues, he couldn’t hide his longing to return to entertaining fans.

However, the longing can only be suppressed as his nature is very limited and his condition really does not allow the singer who is known as ‘Raja Gelek Malaysia’ to perform on stage.

Despite being tested with health problems, he still received some invitations from his fans but had to decline.

At the same time, M Daud, who is very famous for his song Cik Mek Molek and Gila Judi, said that he was very grateful because he was still able to continue living with the savings he made during the glory days.

“I rested for a very long time but it’s okay, I’m grateful for the test given by Allah SWT ,” he told reporters when met at his house in Kampung. Balai Baruh River is here, today.

The meeting with the media was arranged in conjunction with the Ziarah Kasih Program by the Deputy Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin.

M Daud or real name Muhammad Daud Kilau who is now 84 years old suffers from diabetes which makes him unable to stand for long and numb legs and arms.

During the six -year break, he also admitted to having poor memory and hearing.

He is now dependent on medication and still needs to go to Bagan Datuk Health Clinic, Teluk Intan Hospital and Selayang Hospital for regular health check -ups.

“It’s up to Allah SWT to tell (give me the opportunity) to still be able to sing, sing, if not, it’s okay, … I’m satisfied,” he said in a melancholy tone.

During the visit, M Daud also wore a sequined stage costume in appreciation of the visitors who came to visit him.

In the past, almost every night I wore a sequin shirt (for performances), this is a shirt to earn money but now not anymore.

“Today I put on the clothes I left a long time ago and I feel very happy. I hope the fans still remember me, ”he said again.

After losing his source of income, the famous singer received monthly assistance from the Social Welfare Department (JKM) and the Malaysian Employees Association.

M Daud also claimed that he had not received royalty payments for a long time.

“But I’m thankful there are still people who still remember me, including those who visited and also donated,” he added.

Meanwhile, Zahidi said, apart from being present to say hello, he and his entourage also presented donations to the veteran singer besides listening to their views in looking after their welfare.

source – Abd Razak Mohd Ali


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