Ludwig Drums Announce Ringo Experiences at The UK Drum Show

Ludwig Drums Announce Ringo Experiences at The UK Drum Show

Liverpool, home of The Beatles and Ringo Starr, one of the most prolific drummers of all time. The Ludwig Drum Company is pleased to have Gary Astridge as part of the 2022 UK Drum Show. Gary is internationally known as the preeminent historian and curator of Ringo and his drum kits. His work is nothing short of iconic, unearthing and sharing firsthand information and preserving for history, the most valuable drum kits on the planet.

The History of Ringo’s Beatles Era Drum Kits

Do you know the number of drum kits Ringo used during his career with The Beatles? Any idea where any of those drums are today? Learn the answers to these questions and more from Gary Astridge, the historian/curator to one of the greatest drummers in music history. As part of Ringo’s inner circle, Gary shares firsthand information and exclusive firsthand knowledge of Ringo’s Beatles gear.

The Starr Festival Snare Drum Project

On May 12, 1963, Ringo took possession of his first Ludwig drum kit, which included a 1963 Jazz Festival model snare drum, one that he would use throughout his career with The Beatles. Still in Ringo’s possession, this priceless instrument was documented and archived in 2013, in 2017, Gary Astridge received permission to replicate the original Jazz Festival raising money for Ringo and Barbara’s Lotus Foundation charity. In partnership with the Ludwig Drum Company, fifteen limited edition Starr Festivals snare drums with accessories were created. Join Gary to learn the project details and how it led to the rebirth of the modern-day Ludwig Jazz Festival.

Ringo’s Drumming Style, Influence & Legacy

Ringo Starr is one of the most influential drummers in music history and he single handedly inspired millions of us to pick up a pair of sticks. Join Gary Astridge & Carter McClean as they explore Ringo’s evolutionary growth, styles, and distinctive percussive sounds.

Guests attending The UK Drum Show & The UK Bass & Guitar Show at the ACC Liverpool on the 2 & 3 April 2022 can visit both shows for a weekend packed of musical content.

Businesses wishing to exhibit at either The UK Drum Show or The UK Bass and Guitar Show should contact the organiser.

[email protected] – To exhibit at The UK Drum Show

[email protected] – To exhibit at The UK Bass & Guitar Show

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